1/2/3/4 — #47 — The Elvis Hour

I remember the day Susie Scurry sent me one of the best anti-promotional efforts ever. A handwritten letter on a scrap of A4 wrapped around a CDR, she asked if I’d listen to her song with a view to giving it radio play. The moment I heard the track ‘Pinky Blues’ (credited then as The Grand Magoozi) – I thought I was time travelling to the 1950’s – it was a gorgeous tune about an illicit affair. I played that track more than any other in my tenure on the Inside Sleeve. Since then Susie released her excellent debut LP and now is ready to launch her new EP, The Elvis Hour. We’ll hear the first single from it plus excellent new music from Dos Santos, Ralegh Long and 77:78. As well, two exclusive studio sessions from Charm of Finches and James Kenyon.

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