Month: June 2018

Quiet Space — #52 — Anything Is Possible

Ben Rath is an ambient multi-instrumentalist based in Manchester who has just released a wonderful new release, Anything Is Possible, on the Sound In Silence label. Ben weaves a lush sound palette with layers of grainy, drenched in reverb, synths, whistling drones, distorted warm guitars and loops of hypnotic samples.

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1/2/3/4 — #55 — Wonderful Sounds!

If ever a record label was aptly named, it’s WonderfulSound from London. I’ve been really impressed with their releases over the last couple of years, with excellent offerings from Nev Cottee, John Stammers, Colorama and Angelina – just to name a few. The new album from RW Hedges is on par and an absolute cracker. As well, the hypnotic Etran De LÁir, one of the best known and longest playing groups in Niger and Melbourne singer-songwriter Clio’s unleashes her stunning debut EP.

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1/2/3/4 — #54 — John Flanagan Trio, Little Island and Jim Lauderdale

The John Flanagan Trio have released a great collection of tunes with their latest release, Honest Man. This program was to have featured a live session and a big long chat, but sadly a spanner in the works out a stop to it. It doesn’t detract from the fact that it’s a great release, you’ll hear a track and I’ll share a story of our encounter. As well, a fantastic young group from Tasmania with lush pop leanings in Little Island and the return of country songwriting great Jim Lauderdale. Plus a dash of folk, blues and psych!

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