Month: May 2019

1/2/3/4 — #100 — Firefly Burning and Brain Romance

A Milestone! Episode 100 of 1/2/3/4. No trumpet fanfare (we did have a trombone last episode), just a selection of some of the best new music. Firefly Burning are a folk ensemble with a progressive arthouse twist, I’ve long admired their work and excited by their upcoming new release. Produced by Tim Friese-Greene this is a stunning collection of adventurous songs. As well, Brian Campeau and Hannah Cameron join forces as Brain Romance, their first single reveals some sublime harmonies. Plus new essential tracks from Cate Le Bon, Nev Cottee and a tribute to Patrick Gibson.

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Quiet Space — #88 — A Tribute to Patrick Gibson

We celebrate the music of Patrick Gibson, who played an impressive role in Australia’s post-punk electronic landscape with bands such as The Systematics, Ya Ya Choral, No Night Sweats, Scattered Order, Famous and many, many more. He had a keen ear and a dry wit, his radio production work was astounding, having created programs for Radio National’s Night Air and with legendary producer Tony Barrell Sadly Patrick recently passed away – this show honours his great work from the past plus his more recent wizardry as On The Area Steps.

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1/2/3/4 — #99 — From Trombones to Bells

Two years ago, Nick Lowe had almost convinced himself that his days of making records were over. The much loved artist, producer and one of the most-revered songwriters, a forty-plus year career, however he started taking stock of his situation. “And then along came the Straitjackets.” He teams up with those wonderful surf loving, Mexican wrestling masked musicians – Los Straitjackets – to create another selection of fine tunes.

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