Month: August 2022

1/2/3/4 — #242 — Reggae Film Star

25 years since his debut album Waters Ave S. came out, Damian Jurado is more prolific, driven and creative than ever. He’s an incredible story teller and his 18th release, Reggae Film Star is gorgeously cinematic, featuring rich production and diverse sonic textures. Highly Recommended.

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1/2/3/4 — #241 — The Joyous Looping Worlds of Phia

Phia is the entrancing DIY-art-pop music project of multi-instrumentalist songwriter and composer Sophia Exiner. On her second album, Phia brings together her two musical worlds – joyous choral harmonies and live looping – in a wholly imaginative and unique way. Simply magic. As well, some of my favourite releases this year from Goon, Folly Tree, Kevin Robertson, Field Guides and more.

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Quiet Space — #208 — Wake

Our focus this episode on a uniquely stunning work, it will be a favourite come the end of the year. Wake is the debut release from Rosa Beach Mason & Sean Conrad. With this outing they offer a dense set of naturalistic emotional landscapes. Mason’s vocals define each piece with wordless and layered choruses, operating on a purely subconscious and sonic level to create mesmeric drones and sublimely elevated melodies. Sean is the curator of the excellent Inner Islands imprint and I weave a mix around Wake. Enjoy!

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