Month: September 2017

Quiet Space — #25 — Certainty of Summer

We start with the latest from Fourplay String Quartet’s Peter Hollo in his Raven guise. Peter weaves captivating sounds, armed with a cello, piano, laptop and Line 6 DL-4 loop pedal. The result – ‘the night is dark, the night is silent, the night is bright, the night is loud’, draws on styles as diverse as neo-classical, ambient, drone, noise, breakbeat and post-rock. As well, a preview of the excellent new release from Slow Meadow and a gorgeous long form drone from Kyle Landstra.

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1/2/3/4 — #24 — Heliocentrics, Bombay Royale and Jack Cooper

The Heliocentrics are a group for which genres are meaningless and boundaries invisible. They’ve released a string of records that float through jazz, hip-hop, psych, krautrock, and musique concrete. Their latest release on Soundway features improvised vocals from Slovakian singer Barbora Patkova. Beautiful and mystical! As well, Bollywood bliss from Bombay Royale, gentle folk pop from Jack Cooper and the great new single from Josh Johnstone.

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