Month: April 2021

Quiet Space — #172 — Path of The Sun

Path of the Sun is a collaborative project between Daniel Guillén and Steve Targo, known for their solo endeavors as Lunaria and Inner Travels, respectively. The two have walked parallel paths, releasing their own brands of inward-looking synthesizer and keyboard driven music throughout the last 5+ years. As well as focusing on this stunning release, we listen to come of the other recent offerings from the always reliable Inner Islands imprint.

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1/2/3/4 — #194 — Light Years

Jacober is a Baltimore native drummer/ percussionist, songwriter, composer, & producer. He’s an in demand drummer for many cutting edge projects. His solo music captures a unique euphoric sound through marimba, drums, synth, guitars, and lush vocals. His latest work Light Years was created after a time of intense personal change and explores the ideas of growing pains and reluctant optimism.

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1/2/3/4 — #193 — Strong Women

After spending nearly a decade recording and touring with the collaborative psych rock band Quilt, front-person Anna Fox Rochinski has completed her first solo record, Cherry. Over the last few years, Rochinski realized pop was the most authentic vehicle for her and unites her varied musical influences under its umbrella, with an ebullient blend of progressive dance, electro funk, and DIY R&B. She’s just one of a selection of amazing strong women featured on this episode.

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