Month: June 2018

Quiet Space — #55 — A House With Too Much Fire

Our feature release on this edition is ‘A House With Too Much Fire’, the new album from Seabuckthorn. Andy Cartwright is an acoustic guitarist & multi-instrumentalist who explores alternative terrains on six to twelve strings as Seabuckthorn. Cartwright uses the techniques of finger picking & bowing combined with various open tunings to form a well curated mixture of approaches, often with minimal layered accompaniments. As well, new releases from Daniel Bachman, Slow Meadow and Alapastel.

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Quiet Space — #54 — Songs For Coco

Based out of Berlin, Germany, electronic music composer and perfomer Stefan Paul Goetsch AKA Hainbach, creates shifting audio landscapes THE WIRE called “One hell of a trip” We feature his latest collection, a six track suite of other worldly beauty. “Songs For Coco” utilises the unique Cocoquantus effects system designed by Ciat Lombarde. The signature lo-fi cascading delays of this instrument become the signature to an utterly haunting and deeply personal album. As well, the excellent new release from Joe Talia plus Tim Coster and Hessien.

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Quiet Space — #53 — World in Dreams

We focus on a brilliant collection new compilation from Stadiums & Shrines and Cascine – Dreams – a double album of new ambient and experimental compositions by contemporary artists like Bing & Ruth, Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith, Gem Club and more. this collection is a journey, comprised of music, images, and text, inviting listeners to explore, interpret and contemplate.

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1/2/3/4 — #56 — Gooooooooooooal!

Yes, people are excited about the 2018 World Cup in Russia, but the goal of 1/2/3/4 is to hook you up with fantastic music! Luckily, one of those songs is the excellent ode to the Socceroos from Melbourne band Last Leaves. This jangly pop gem comes from a group that rose from the ashes of the marvellous Lucksmiths. As well, the gorgeous haunting debut release from Juliana Daugherty, an unlikely duo of two highly regarded Americana rockers in Dave Alvin and Jimmie Dale Glenmore , plus a double bouncy dose of Post-Punk from Lithics and Nylex.

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