Month: July 2023

1/2/3/4 — #272 — Faulty Receiver

London trio Pozi deliver a hyper-skeletal sound palette of drums, bass, violin and three distinct vocals, from which biting social observations and political angst bounce out of the speakers with urgency. They want their music to evoke a feeling and emotion rather than just being a commentary. This is essential listening.

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1/2/3/4 — #271 — Magic Hour

Sara Wolff’s music is rich with childlike wonder, her sound immediately captivates and draws you in. Hailing from Bergen in Norway and now residing in Liverpool in the UK, her EP Magic Hour is a delightful collection, Sara says “these songs are how she sees the world and enjoy the little things along with others who share that excitement, despite how our insecurities may try to prevent it.” Highly Recommended.

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1/2/3/4 — #270 — Come Fetch My Soul!

Sweden-based multi-instrumentalist Peter Morén of Peter Bjorn and John shares the debut album from his new project, SunYears. Come Fetch My Soul! is an upbeat indie pop record featuring contributions from Ron Sexsmith, Jess Williamson, Fruit Bats, Ren Harvieu, and Kathryn Williams. Highly Recommended.

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