Month: October 2022

Quiet Space — #219 — Excavation Patterns

Alex Carpenter is an Australian-born artist and researcher living in New York City. In the words of Luke Altman, curator of the de la Catessan label, “”As Excavation Patterns creeps and smothers, winds and bonds, it takes the shape of its ancient host, the Symphony. Excavation Patterns itself isn’t a symphony, but it is draped over the Symphony, lovingly, like a verdant shroud.” This is an incredible work that is highly recommended.

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1/2/3/4 — #249 — Clouds of Joy

A wonderful worldly collection of sounds on this edition. The Badge Époque Ensemble are from Toronto, Canada and return with their third album, Clouds of Joy. It represents a shift from the group’s previous sonic excursions into the worlds of vintage soundtrack grooves and early electric jazz towards a more era-ambiguous, complex and all-encompassing approach to arrangement production. Just one of nine killer tunes for you to explore.

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1/2/3/4 — #248 — Big Time Things

Big Time Things’ is a story of crossed wires and missed connections, sleepless nights and scrapped plans. On the third album from Office Culture, the Brooklyn-based band led by pianist-songwriter Winston Cook-Wilson, the magic is in how every element of their texturally rich, emotionally complex music conjures these same visions. Highly Recommended!

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Quiet Space — #217 — Isthmus

Seamus O’Muineachain is an ambient/minimal composer and multi-instrumentalist who has just released his sixth album, Isthmus. The piano based album is a sonic exploration of his hometown, Belmullet, on the remote isthmus of the mullet peninsula. The album marries piano, cello from collaborator Akito Goto, explorative synths, minimal percussion, treated guitars, and smartphone field recordings. Highly recommended.

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