Month: October 2023

Quiet Space — #241 — Nocturnal

DRONARIVM is a small independent label, originally from Moscow that is focused on contemporary ambient, electroacoustic and modern classical music. On this episode of the Quiet Space, we cast an ear over some of it’s recent fantastic releases, including Federico Mosconi’s Nocturnal.

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Quiet Space — #240 — Seasons Shifting

anthéne (Brad Deschamps) and IKSRE (Phoebe Dubar) met after collaborating on two tracks for Ambientologist in 2022. Their musical chemistry was instant and they decided to continue the project, swapping ideas between Toronto, Canada and Melbourne, Australia. Seasons Shifting is a stunning release that’s highly recommended.

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1/2/3/4 — #279 — Later Than You Think

Avalanche is the essential new release from Jenny Owen Youngs. It offers up an achingly beautiful exploration of loss, resilience, and growth from an artist who’s experienced more than her fair share of each in recent years. The songs are deceptively serene, layering Youngs’ infectious pop sensibilities atop lush, dreamy arrangements that often belie the swift emotional currents lurking underneath. Essential!

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