Month: November 2019

Quiet Space — #115 — Remote Redux

Our focus is on the excellent collaboration between James Murray and Francis M Gri. Their release, Remote Redux is a delicate and original response to distance and closeness as expressed by the Japanese concept Ma, known also as negative space. It’s a place of elegant dimension where Gri’s graceful piano motifs and bowed guitar figures are carefully framed within the free flowing surrounds of Murray’s warm synth sequences and nuanced sound design.

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1/2/3/4 — #127 — King Hits and Goldfish Memories

Jamie Hutchings is a singer/songwriter/musician and sometime producer from Sydney, Australia. He formed and fronted rock band Bluebottle Kiss in the early ’90s before concentrating on his solo work after the band went on hiatus in 2007. He also formed the experimental rock ensemble Infinity Broke and a duo with Peter Fenton (Crow) as The Tall Grass. Jamie popped by off the back of his recent live solo album for a chat and performance.

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