Month: August 2019

Quiet Space — #104 – Aquarium Of The Afterlife

Finally getting to feature this impressive release from Baltimore’s PJ Dorsey. He has traversed a lifelong journey delving into psychoactive music which can alter one’s cognitive and conscious state. He harnesses his experiences to create music as Tarotplane. Using guitar, effects and processing he produces time suspending soundscapes – immersive music for merging the mind and body. His latest full length on the excellent Beyond Beyond is Beyond label is The Misunderstood Abandoned Aquarium Of The Afterlife. Magic sounds.

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1/2/3/4 — #117 — A Healthy Earth

Listening to Peaer is like watching someone swiftly solve a complicated math equation with grace. With A Healthy Earth, Peaer created a space where forward-thinking indie-rock, slowcore, and asymmetrical pop can thrive harmoniously. Just one of the new releases featured on this edition of 1/2/3/4.

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Quiet Space — #103 – How To Empty A Cup

How To Empty A Cup is inspired by the sounds of the Danny Scott Lane’s immediate surroundings: children playing outside of the window, a teachers strike, the bird’s nest above the street sign, crickets in the bush near the parking lot. On this his debut album, the talented photographer applies attention to detail using subtle instrumentation with wind and strings on a release recorded almost entirely in the rain. A wonderful listening experience.

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1/2/3/4 — #116 — Vale David Berman

Death is inevitable, but the passing of David Berman is so incredibly gut wrenching when you consider his immense talent, he left us far too soon. We pay tribute to him in this episode, his recent release Purple Mountains will be high on many end of year lists.

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1/2/3/4 — #115 — Vale Damian Lovelock

We pay tribute to a loveable rascal and incredibly influential artist in Damien Lovelock, who sadly has passed away at the age of 65. He inspired many as the frontperson for the Celibate Rifles and in recent years has entertained many as a football fanatic/ sports broadcaster and writer. Vale Damien. As well, excellent new music from Little Island, Phia and 1/2/3/4 favourite, the UK’s Ralegh Long.

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