Jason Hawk Harris hit rock bottom during the writing and recording of his debut full-length Love & the Dark. In the last few years, the Houston-born-and-raised, Los Angeles-based musician endured life-altering hardships—illness, death, familial strife, and addiction—yet from these trials, a luxuriant and confident vision of art country emerged. This is an album I highly recommend. As well, we’ll explore new music from Stephen Grady, Esther Rose, RW Hedges, Nagillum and more! 

Track: LPs
Artist: Jeffrey Lewis & the Voltage
Release: LPs
Label: Don Giovanni

Track: Peace In Sleep
Artist: Nagillum
Release: 52 Weeks
Label: Self Released

Track: The Smoke and The Stars
Artist: Jason Hawk Harris
Release: Love & The Dark
Label: Bloodshot Records

Track: Only Loving You
Artist: Esther Rose
Release: You Made It This Far
Label: Father/Daughter Records

Track: Keeping My Cool
Artist: Emma Russack
Release: Winter Blues
Label: Osborne Again/Spunk

Track: Girl in the Story
Artist: R W Hedges
Release: The Hills Are Old Songs
Label: Wonderfulsound

Track: Nothing Can Get To Me Now
Artist: Stephen Grady
Release: Stay Here
Label: Self Released

Track: I Love My Phone
Artist: Honeysuckle
Release: Firestarter
Label: AntiFragile Music

Track: Walking Backwards
Artist: Louis Valentine & The Golden Age
Release: Walking Backwards
Label: Self Released

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