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1/2/3/4 — #63 — Warnings and Chances

Australia’s hard hitting Hammond Organ trio Cookin’ On 3 Burners kick off with a blast of soul featuring the killer vocals of Kaiit. As well the debut single from You Tell Me, combining Peter Brewis (Field Music) with Sarah Hayes (Admiral Fallow); Josh Rennie-Hynes goes electric with his latest single Amber Rose; another great young Australian female singer/songwriter – from WA, Grace Armstrong and traditional folk with a modern twist from Rachel McShane and The Cartographers.

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1/2/3/4 — #62 — Glam Jams and Bespoke Folk

Want some excellent new music? This episode is chock full of some of my favourites at the moment. A new generation of Jam Bands are coming through with New Jersey’s Garcia Peoples leading the way, in my ears, just good old rock and roll! Plus the dreamy harmonies and reverebed melodies of Portlad’s The Tamed West, wistful adventurous from Sydney’s Bonniesongs, progessive soul/jazz/funk from Melbourne’s WVR BVBY and the beguiling folk of NZ’s Holly Arrowsmith (pictured) are just some of the treats you need to hear.

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Quiet Space — #59 — Tinderbox

Featuring the work of guitarist John Encarnacao, with his trio Espadrille. Tinderbox is an album soaked in the heat haze of the Australian summer, played with great restraint by three musicians responding to both the requirements of a compositional frame and each other in the moment. As well, the hypnotic debut from Ezra Feiberg – Pentimento and Others will be a Quiet Space favourite this year and Aaron Martin returns with yet another gorgeous collection of string drones.

We’re featuring an excellent new work from guitarist John Encarnacao, who created an aleatoric score for the play Tinderbox written by Alana Valentine and directed by Zoë Carides for Darlinghurst Theatre. It was performed live in the studio by improvising trio Espadrille. , played with great restraint by three musicians responding to both the requirements of a compositional frame and each other in the moment.

As well, the excellent debut release from Ezra Feinberg, a mixture of minimal classical works and West African Guitar Music and Aaron Martin’s new work – a collaboration with visual artist Yusuf Sevinçli.

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Quiet Space — #58 — Q Space

Longform Editions is an ongoing series of music pieces curated to foster and celebrate immersive listening experiences for the musically adventurous. We’re featuring the work of Lee Noble, a composer from Nashville whose audio work has focused on the in-between places of music forms, where synthesizer composition and folk traditions start to meet. As well, new works from David Newlyn and Fabio Orsi.

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1/2/3/4 — #61 — Someone Like You

It was people power that helped create the new album from Melanie Horsnell and Steve Appel, someone like you, me – helped contribute to their successful crowd funding campaign. The album The World It Has A Gentle Soul will be out soon and we feature the debut single on this edition. Also, the excellent new single from dreamy folk siblings, Charm of Finches and the clever breezy pop of Chicago’s Clearance.

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Quiet Space — #57 — Staccato Signals

For many years I’ve played the music of Ben Chatwin – mostly under his guise of Talvihorros. In recent years Ben has created compelling works under his own name, his latest, Staccato Signals is a bolder and more ambitious record than anything he has written before.

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1/2/3/4 — #59 — Lost Play

Anne Garner from the UK has delivered a haunting collection of ambient pop music on her fifth album, Lost Play.  She uses voice, piano, flute and imagination to weave threads of folk, electroacoustic and chamber classical into intimate vocal arrangements that leave lasting personal impressions. Odetta Hartman’s incredible new album mines a similar path, with folk as the focal point, weaving field recordings and drum machines into the mix. Plus essential new releases from Newcastle’s Grace Turner, Melbourne’s Leisure Centre and We Are Muffy.

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Quiet Space — #56 — Spectra

Spectra is a journey. Tom Hall delivers here an impressive work based on the concept of “surround”. Merging a daily practice of experimentation, the research on polyrhythms and syncopation, and the use of mathematical formulas connected with our world, Tom creates a vast environmental based music.

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1/2/3/4 — #58 — From Dusk to Downey

Featuring the soul/country/jazz of Wisconsin’s Dust, Sydney’s Sam Newton returns with a cracking selection of folk and rock, the brilliant new single from Cash Savage and the Last Drinks and Ryan Downey delivers one of this year’s outstanding albums in Running.

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Quiet Space — #55 — A House With Too Much Fire

Our feature release on this edition is ‘A House With Too Much Fire’, the new album from Seabuckthorn. Andy Cartwright is an acoustic guitarist & multi-instrumentalist who explores alternative terrains on six to twelve strings as Seabuckthorn. Cartwright uses the techniques of finger picking & bowing combined with various open tunings to form a well curated mixture of approaches, often with minimal layered accompaniments. As well, new releases from Daniel Bachman, Slow Meadow and Alapastel.

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