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Quiet Space — #78 — A Sacred Place

offthesky is experimental sound artist Michael Jason Corder from Denver Colorado, who has released around 70 releases over the past 15 years. On this episode we feature his new long form work, To Break Is Something Sacred plus Luna Monk, Simon Bainton and the excellent news that Stunned Records is to revive in 2019.

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1/2/3/4 — #86 — No Way! Sit Back

Lots of great new releases to share, including the excellent debut full length from Lonely Stretch. This is the musical side-project of Matt Reiner who plays guitar in the psychedelic rock band from Adelaide called The Dunes. Lonely Stretch is a departure from the psych-fuzz-drone of The Dunes and provides a platform for Reiner to present his song writing and distinctive vocal style. The emphasis of the band is on simple song structures and melodies that echo a number of Australian underground acts including Ed Kuepper, The Triffids, The Go-Betweens, The Church and Chad’s Tree. As well, excellent new releases from And The Kids, Rozi Plain and Claire Anne Taylor.

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Quiet Space — #77 — Diamond Eye

Over the past 20+ years Leighton Craig has followed a beautiful low-tech pathway to documenting keyboard works, songs, field recording and sound installation. Recorded at home and on beach holidays between 2006 and 2010, Diamond Eye is a personal sketchbook of fuzzy hymnals and haunting songs. As well, two beautifiul longform works from Ekin Fil and Music For Sleep.

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1/2/3/4 — #85 — Nick Garrie and the Nightmare of JP Stanislas

“The Nightmare Of J.B. Stanislas” could be the last cursed disc in history. It’s about to celebrate its 50th anniversary of its release, I was lucky to catch up with it’s author,  Nick Garrie, on a recent trip to Sydney. We chat about a debut album, which turned out to be much grander than it was intended to be and the horror of knowing it hadn’t been released. From being championed by the late great Francis Lai, to Scottish Indiepop royalty collaborating with him on his 2009 release 49 Arlington Gardens, this is a story of perseverance. 

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1/2/3/4 — #84 — You Tell Me!

As one half of Field Music, Peter Brewis has been honing the craft of pop songwriting for almost fifteen years,  whilst Sarah Hayes has been exploring contemporary folk in her solo work, and the world of indie-pop via her band Admiral Fallow. By blending their distinct compositional talents, they’ve created a record as You Tell Me that possesses their own clear styles but also a new voice too. An exciting start to 2019!

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