Author: pimpod

1/2/3/4 — #193 — Strong Women

After spending nearly a decade recording and touring with the collaborative psych rock band Quilt, front-person Anna Fox Rochinski has completed her first solo record, Cherry. Over the last few years, Rochinski realized pop was the most authentic vehicle for her and unites her varied musical influences under its umbrella, with an ebullient blend of progressive dance, electro funk, and DIY R&B. She’s just one of a selection of amazing strong women featured on this episode.

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1/2/3/4 — #192 — The Finishing Touch

Why start at the beginning when you can go straight to the end? Actually I love listening to albums chronologically, but some people cherry pick or even abandon listening before they get to the last track on a release. Hidden treasures or duds at the end? You be the judge with this assortment of old and new tracks I really like a lot.

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Quiet Space — #170 — Good Causes from Mailbox and Polar Seas

Two stellar labels have just released compilations for very good causes. Mailbox from the UK have put together 32 tracks for Music For Another Sky, in order to raise awareness and/or raise money for the UK charity, Refuge, helping women and children – against domestic violence. Polar Seas Recordings offers a compilation in celebration of the label’s 50th release, all proceeds go to All Creatures Rescue in Toronto. Both releases are HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, please support both of these amazing releases.

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