Author: pimpod

1/2/3/4 — #130 — Give Us The Light

While the members of Atlanta’s Arbor Labor Union are involved in and influenced by the scene and ideology of DIY punk and hardcore, they are indebted to Cosmic Americana Music and the working-class sympathies of Woody Guthrie. In their words, “Creedance meets The Minute Men.” Discover their rootsy drone on this episode plus an excellent Deerhoof reissue and we pay our respects to the late, great Andrew ‘Greedy’ Smith.

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Quiet Space — #116 — Snufmumriko

Snufmumriko’s music has been described as a ”soundscape cloth woven from field recordings”, there is a wonderful air of mystery to the musical creations of Ingmar Wennerberg. For the past decade he’s been taking listeners on explorations into  dreamy, texturally rich environments. We showcase his brilliant new release on Dronarivm.

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1/2/3/4 — #129 — Little Wise In Session

Our guest is Little Wise, the working name of songwriter Sophie Klein, who has been turning heads and melting hearts. Little Wise fuses Indie Folk-Rock with a damn good dose of Melbourne swagger and has released her follow up to her highly acclaimed debut, Silver Birch with Want It All. She pops by for a chat and performance. As well on this edition new music from Charm of Finches, Genni Kane, Jessica, Anna Cordell and Ruth Hazleton.

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