Author: pimpod

1/2/3/4 — #154 — Warmer in the Wooden Box (with Strings)

John Encarnacao is a writer, multi-instrumentalist and all round talented and super friendly chap. I’m a fan of his early work with Smelly Tongues, The Native Strip, his excellent curation for his label China Pig and he’s back with a new album as Warmer which will be a highlight of 2020 for me. Forged away from home and from his usual cohort, he teamed up with David Carter in Hobart and many students or ex-students of the Tasmania Conservatorium for a stunning slice of orchestral folk pop. Highly recommended plus stunning new releases from Sweet Whirl, Pop Filter, The Electorate and Adelaide label Drongo Tracks with a killer new compilation.

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1/2/3/4 — #153 — Failures

Katie Malco writes music that sits quietly somewhere between an aching, serene sadness and a hopeful determination. She mourns her past and lays it out on the table for all to see, exposed with twitching nerves. Armed with only an old telecaster that’s seen better days and her magnificent voice, Katie returns with her compelling new album, Failures

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