Month: October 2019

1/2/3/4 — #126 — Living In The Real World

For most musicians, there is no free ride, no pot of gold, no label holding you hand. It’s a tough slog in the real world, but it is fulfilling, doing something you love and sharing your talents. Sibling duo Charm of Finches have taken the DIY path since they started, releasing a wonderful debut album in 2016, Staring at the Starry Ceiling. Now they are nearly ready to share their follow up, Your Company. They’ve launched a Pozible campaign to get them over the line with associated costs. We’ll share a special track and details how you can help support them. As well, it’s so good to have Ups and Downs back with an old favourite tune, a cracking song about climate change from Theories of Everything, we’ll introduce you to a wonderful label out of British Columbia in Kingfisher Bluez plus Jamie Hutchings, Gena Rose Bruce and the AMAZING Coda Chroma.

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Quiet Space — #113 — Interstat

Our focus from the most excellent Canigou Records is the debut collaboration between Adam Badí Donoval (warm winters ltd) and Jakub Fiala (Theydon Boys) – INTERSTAT. It’s a collection of recordings exploring ‘process’ and the synchronicity between improvisers. There’s some grit and dark tension in this release and some weighty sounds to digest, it’s certainly worthy of your attention. (sorry this took SO long to post)

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1/2/3/4 — #125 — The Art of Going Full Circle

Phia is the entrancing DIY-art-pop music project of multi-instrumentalist songwriter and composer Sophia Exiner. She joins me to chat about her upcoming album, working with Melbourne Indie Voices and the art of looping. As well, amazing new releases from Coda Chroma, Emma Frank and Shana Falana.

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1/2/3/4 — #124 — Shadow Lovers

Lachlan X. Morris is an Uber Eats Driver by day in Newcastle, NSW. He listens to his local ‘Oldies’ Radio Station. They play artists like ELO, Wings and The Carpenters and he’s mystified by the music. So with his latest single, he wanted to try and write a quintessential song from that velveteen hit-machine era. I like it a lot! As well, the return of Philip B. Price with his first solo record in 15 years and an modern day troubador from the UK, James McArthur with his band, The Head Gardeners.

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Quiet Space — #112 — Into The Void

Our focus on a new release on the Shimmering Moods imprint, the work of WholsIR, born out of loss and pain. Having just started on a new composition, he discovered that his father had passed away. In he following 12 months he used the music to deal with all the pain and grief and decided, that this should be his debut album, with a special dedication to my father. The music not only evokes sadness and loss but also hope and relief. As well, a reissue of some wonderful small run cassettes by Dreamers Cloth as well as Euglossine and Tricorn & Queue.

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