Month: October 2019

1/2/3/4 — #123 — Stay Connected

Broads are Kelly Day and Jane Hendry, Melbourne queens of indie-noir. They are back with a wonderful new album, Stay Connected, that pushes their sound from their acoustic roots into a wider spectrum of colour – with hints at 60s pop, 70s folk, a little 80s new wave. They pop into the studio for a chat and perform some tracks as well. We also pay tribute to the late Leo Mullins (Benedicts/Welcome Mat/Small Knives) and brand new works from Josh Rennie-Hynes, Anna Cordell, Khristian Mizzi and more!

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Quiet Space — #111 — Transfigurations

Our feature on two recent releases on the excellent Inner Islands imprint. Ashan’s Tranfigurations offers another set of unguided excursions to proposed realms of being and Inner Travels take us on a journey through natural sounds and peaceful melodic synthesizer.

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1/2/3/4 — #122 — Playing Catchup

With 2019 hurtling to an end, time to dig deep into some releases that have been overlooked, my folders are overflowing so time to play catchup! One of my favourite sleeper albums is Toth’s amazing baroque pop release, Practice Magic and Seek Professional Help When Necessary. If I could I’d put a copy in everyone’s intray! The album incorporates “lush, windswept sonics,” bebop trumpet solos and spare guitar lines, recalling the Beach Boys in one bar and Arthur Russell in the next. Just one of the gems we uncover in this episode.

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