1/2/3/4 — #01 — New Beginnings

Featuring the sweeping orchestral sounds of Cam Butler, driving Tunisian rock from Bargou 8, dreamy electronic pop from Glider Pilots and gorgeous experimental chamber folk from Anna & Elizabeth.


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1/2/3/4 — #21 — Super Natural Voodoo Working!

Featuring music from Southern Algeria, a brilliant release from Afous D'Afous, plus new sounds from Cameroon, Turkey and Zimbabwe. As well, some excellent jangly pop from Turnover and Fake Laugh and the return of Eilen Jewell tackling a dark and bold selection of blues tunes.

1/2/3/4 — #120 — Power Pop From Home

Power pop legends The Rubinoos are known for turning bubblegum into gold with ridiculously catchy tunes. “From Home” is a homecoming recording of sorts. It reunites the original lineup of the band and was recorded in the same studio where they recorded their first single half a century ago and teams them up with long time fan Chuck Prophet, who not only produced the record but co-writes a lot of the material. We’ll explore other uplifting power pop from Tasmainian artist Mondo Quinn, the gentle shimmering pop of Matt Kivel and wholesome mystic folk from Pearla. Plus much more!

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Quiet Space — #107 — The Wonderful Worlds of Nite Lite

This is a very special Quiet Space, exploring unknown worlds with Myste and Phil French, aka Nite Lite. They were the curators of the legendary Stunned Records label out of Portland, Oregon and the good news is they’ve returned with a wonderful new release in Landcestors. Nite Lite start with free-jamming and field recording around the mountainside they call home. Migratory birds, frogs, parties in the park, synth & guitar trancin’, and riparian wildlife all coalesce in Nite Lite’s ever-evolving audio mosaic. I’ve woven together a special mix of Nite Lite’s releases for this episode.

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Quiet Space — #106 – Slow Walking

Greg Baird in recent years has created some gorgeous works under the name Moss Covered Technology on Eilean Rec. Fluid Audio and Hibernate Records. On this his debut for Polar Seas Recordings – Slow Walking – reveals lush synthesized ambience, compelling textures and attention to detail which makes for a deep and rewarding listen. It’s our focus on this edition of the Quiet .

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1/2/3/4 — #118 — Love & The Dark

Jason Hawk Harris hit rock bottom during the writing and recording of his debut full-length Love & the Dark. In the last few years, the Houston-born-and-raised, Los Angeles-based musician endured life-altering hardships—illness, death, familial strife, and addiction—yet from these trials, a luxuriant and confident vision of art country emerged. This is an album I highly recommend. As well, we’ll explore new music from Stephen Grady, Esther Rose, RW Hedges, Nagillum and more! 

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