Month: October 2018

Quiet Space — #68 — Multiperspectivity

Ouvala are Ian Hawgood (Home Normal) and Tim Diagram (Handstitched). Our feature is their latest release, their second – “Multiperspectivity” which features nine collaborative pieces, thrown back and forth
several times. It is a characteristic of sound, short stories and mystical adventures where both musical perspectives are projected to the listener.

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1/2/3/4 — #72 — High As The Sun

I don’t know about you, but music makes me high. Everytime I discover new sounds to share with you, there’s a rush, an excitement, even a dread – I wonder – will I feel like this again? Inevitably I do, which is why I love making these programs. We start with two energetic UK ensembles who love the music of West Africa, Me and My Friends and Vula Viel (pictured). We then move through progressive psych to folk to orchestral pop to Americana to post punk and end with the show with a BANG! thanks to a stunning duo – Robbie Fulks and Linda Gail Lewis who certainly go Wild Wild Wild.

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1/2/3/4 — #71 — Crepes, Magic Potion and Peel Dream Magazine

Melbourne-via-Ballarat five-piece, Crepes, have a new album out shortly on the excellent Spunk Records – ‘In Cahoots’. It marks a new chapter for the shimmering pop/rock of Crepes, with all songs written together and recorded live for the very first time. We’ll hear the first single plus some equally catchy ‘wonky’ pop from Sweden’s Magic Potion, Brooklyn’s Peel Dream Magazine and a hypnotic slice of psych-rock from Adelaide’s Dunes.

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Quiet Space — #67 — Shimmer

For about fifteen years Gavin Miller has been pioneering mixing ambient, post-rock and electronica. His latest, Shimmer on the excellent Sound in Silence imprint, showcases Miller’s atmospheric side by presenting a long-form composition, divided into six parts. The electronic beats are left behind and only dreamy soundscapes and soothing atmospheres remain. As well Ian Hawgood, Ben Rath and Xiphiidae.

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1/2/3/4 — #70 — Prayers and Mantras

Happy Axe is Canberra-based multi-instrumentalist Emma Kelly, who weaves layers of vocals, violin and musical saw into a vibrant, hypnotic blend of experimental pop. Her debut album Dream Punching is highly recommended and I feature one of my favourite tracks on this episode, As well, the dark and dreamy sounds of Steady Holiday, the return of indie-noir duo Broads and a stunning debut release from an all-female rock group from the ’60s San Francisco Psych scene, Ace of Cups.

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