Month: March 2020

1/2/3/4 — #142 — The Common Task

Horse Lords make music for the liberation of mind and body.  The Baltimore quartet’s new album The Common Task showcases their full power and why they are dubbed the Pied Piper of experimental music and radical thought. Brittle, raucous shards lock into tight grooves that will hypnotise. Highly recommended! Plenty of psych, pop and astral folk in this edition.

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Quiet Space — #126 — Farewell Islands

Slow Reels combines Ian Hawgood’s love of reel-to-reel tape machines and vintage synthesizers with James Murray’s melodicism and richly textured digital sound design. Their Morr Music debut, ‘Farewell Islands’, is an arresting, fluorescing album that blends full-frequency dronescaping with a slow-burning ambient minimalism.

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Quiet Space — #125 — The Healing Sounds of zakè

zakè is an ambient artist and founder of the Past Inside the Present label/imprint & Healing Sound Propagandist. We focus on the latest offering on Polar Seas Recordings, Carolina, suffused with manipulated field recordings, each piece reenacts a moment in its composer’s journey, Carolina is a solemn yet joyful paean to seclusion, and the awe beyond our doors. Perfect calm listening, the antidote to fear in these troubled times.

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1/2/3/4 — #141 — It’s A Sweet Sweet Whirl

Crazy times my friends. It’s a Mad World. One anditode to anxiety is music – Sweet Whirl offers a wonderful new single ahead of her debut album in Something I Do. It’s the love-addled confessions of a seasoned party girl, romantic yet sardonic, a troubadour who sings of the heart with a knowing sense of the timeless victory of song. As well, excellent new tracks from Corey Legge, Snowy Band and Pictish Trail.

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