Month: May 2018

Quiet Space — #51 — Lost Memories

S.Oliwa is an Argentinian composer who has been described as the master of the slow, super organic, build. I first discovered his music a few years ago with a release on the sadly defunct Twice Removed imprint from Perth. His latest release on Geology Records is excellent and is our feature work on this edition of the Quiet Space.

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1/2/3/4 — #53 — Emily Davis, Luluc and Pascal Babare

Emily Davis is a singer/song-writer from Adelaide who has just released her new album – You, Me and The Velvet Sea. It’s a deeply personal album that reflects entirely on love, in all of its incarnations. After a dramatic end to a long-term relationship she threw herself into deep contemplation of the meaning of love, and in doing so found these songs and herself. She pops in for a quick chat and performance. As well, great new releases from Luluc and Pascal Babare.

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Quiet Space — #50 — Out of Hibernation

Hibernate is a small label from the UK, their motto is “We Love Ambient”. Not only do they love it, they have curated since 2009 some incredible releases, establishing some of what are now popular names in this musical field. The Quiet Space has long championed Hibernate, who have returned to releasing music after a four year absence, To celebrate their return, and our 50th edition of the Quiet Space, this edition is dedicated to the two new postcard releases from Anthene and Mind Over MIDI as well as looking at some of the wonderful postcard releases since their inception.

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1/2/3/4 — #52 — A Chat with Tennyson King

Tennyson King is a international touring act from Hong Kong and Canada, a lover of travel, stories and sharing music. He loves coming to Australia and performing not only in capital cities, but in small country towns right around the country. He popped in for a chat and performance during his last tour. As well, new music from Davey Craddock and Emily Davis.

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Quiet Space — #49 — Black Box Animals

‘Black Box Animals’ is the debut release from the Italian duo, Luton, formed in 2017 by Roberto P. Siguera and Attilio Novellino. Their music is described as “crawling abstract electronic structures thatmeld seamlessly into a wide array of electro-acoustics, built upon a fine edge that is focused on mood as much as melody”. It’s another great release from the Lost Tribe Sound label, the duo work closely with the Luton Sinfonietta who add strings, woodwind, percussion and brass.

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