Month: July 2020

1/2/3/4 — #164 — Cuddle Magic

Cuddle Magic recorded their newest album in a bathroom.Bath is a document of Cuddle Magic playing a lot like they did when they started out. They re-invent tropes of 21st-century pop song structure with the quietest acoustic sounds. This album is also, simply put, the sound of six people in the same room breathing and listening together.

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Quiet Space — #141 — Escapist Pieces for Guitar

D.C.Cross is an incredibly talented musician who transcends genre with a deep love of sound. His most recent album Terabithian is equally parts ambient and Instrumental folk guitar influenced by American Primitive Guitarists, British folk revivalists and 90’s new-age ambient music. These compositions are dubbed “Escapist Pieces for Guitar” and offer solace in dark times.

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1/2/3/4 — #163 — Give Us The Light

While the members of Atlanta’s Arbor Labor Union are involved in and influenced by the scene and ideology of DIY punk and hardcore, they are indebted to Cosmic Americana Music, Whitman-esque optimism and appreciation toward nature, and the working-class sympathies of Woody Guthrie. In their words, “CCR meets The Minute Men.” This release from February still stands tall amongst the releases of 2020.

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Quiet Space — #140 — The Time of Our Summer

Il Tempo Della Nostra Estate is the compelling new full-length album from Italian composer and guitarist Federico Mosconi, a sublime and heady work full of personal warmth and nostalgic introspection, awoken by hazy waves of cyclic summer heat – something to look forward to on these cooler Southern Hemisphere nights. Also from the wonderful Slowcraft label, the latest from multi award-winning film composer Mathieu Karsenti plus Robin Schlochtermeier, Endless Melancholy and more!

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