Month: July 2018

Quiet Space — #58 — Q Space

Longform Editions is an ongoing series of music pieces curated to foster and celebrate immersive listening experiences for the musically adventurous. We’re featuring the work of Lee Noble, a composer from Nashville whose audio work has focused on the in-between places of music forms, where synthesizer composition and folk traditions start to meet. As well, new works from David Newlyn and Fabio Orsi.

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1/2/3/4 — #61 — Someone Like You

It was people power that helped create the new album from Melanie Horsnell and Steve Appel, someone like you, me – helped contribute to their successful crowd funding campaign. The album The World It Has A Gentle Soul will be out soon and we feature the debut single on this edition. Also, the excellent new single from dreamy folk siblings, Charm of Finches and the clever breezy pop of Chicago’s Clearance.

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Quiet Space — #57 — Staccato Signals

For many years I’ve played the music of Ben Chatwin – mostly under his guise of Talvihorros. In recent years Ben has created compelling works under his own name, his latest, Staccato Signals is a bolder and more ambitious record than anything he has written before.

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1/2/3/4 — #59 — Lost Play

Anne Garner from the UK has delivered a haunting collection of ambient pop music on her fifth album, Lost Play.  She uses voice, piano, flute and imagination to weave threads of folk, electroacoustic and chamber classical into intimate vocal arrangements that leave lasting personal impressions. Odetta Hartman’s incredible new album mines a similar path, with folk as the focal point, weaving field recordings and drum machines into the mix. Plus essential new releases from Newcastle’s Grace Turner, Melbourne’s Leisure Centre and We Are Muffy.

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