Category: Quiet Space

Quiet Space — #163 — Cumulus Sketches

An excellent new release to start 2021. Wil Bolton returns with ‘Cumulus Sketches’ , an album of fragile, drifting ambient structures for daydreaming and cloud-watching. Pastoral analogue synthesizer melodies and effects pedal textures are intertwined with rural and urban environmental sounds recorded in South Korea, Japan, Hong Kong and Sri Lanka. As well, the excellent Hibernate label with a series of releases available online for a charitable cause.

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Quiet Space — #156 — Mailbox

Our focus is on a small imprint from England curated by ambient artist James A. McDermid. So far James has released some beguiling works, with Ishmael Cormack’s Feral release the most recent. Ishamel is a British sound artist living in rural Somerset. His work focuses on gathering and weaving found sound with acoustics. This is a stellar release!

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Quiet Space — #155 — The Sound of Muzan

Muzan Editions is a small label from Nara, Japan, focusing on ambient and experimental sound. On this edition of the Quiet Space, a special mix showcasing the great curation by label manager Joshua Stefane (Endurance) with works from Hirotaka Shirotsubaki, Lee Noble, Grey Magik, Günter Schlienz plus many more.

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Quiet Space — #153 — Handstitched*

UK artist Tim Diagram runs the Handstitched* imprint and has been involved in several collaborations, as well as releasing his solo works (as Maps and Diagrams) on many, well-respected labels over the years. On this edition of the Quiet Space we highlight this excellent little label and focus on the latest release from Emba. It’s the duo of Tim and Mathieu Lamontagne who is based in Quebec, Canada. It’s a beautiful release! We’ll also hear from other Handstitched* artists Oberlin, Ishmael Cormack, Yair Etziony and Dyb.

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