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Quiet Space — #126 — Farewell Islands

Slow Reels combines Ian Hawgood’s love of reel-to-reel tape machines and vintage synthesizers with James Murray’s melodicism and richly textured digital sound design. Their Morr Music debut, ‘Farewell Islands’, is an arresting, fluorescing album that blends full-frequency dronescaping with a slow-burning ambient minimalism.

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Quiet Space — #125 — The Healing Sounds of zakè

zakè is an ambient artist and founder of the Past Inside the Present label/imprint & Healing Sound Propagandist. We focus on the latest offering on Polar Seas Recordings, Carolina, suffused with manipulated field recordings, each piece reenacts a moment in its composer’s journey, Carolina is a solemn yet joyful paean to seclusion, and the awe beyond our doors. Perfect calm listening, the antidote to fear in these troubled times.

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Quiet Space — #120 — Ecovillage

Emil Holmstrom and Peter Wikstrom have been working on different music projects together since 2001, but in 2006 after a 3 months journey around south asia they found some otherworldly inspiration to create The Ecovillage project. Our focus is on their seventh release, Arrived and it’s one they say is the first album they have made that is a personal concept album and their most mentally challenging one to create.

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Quiet Space — #118 — Beautiful Isles

On this episode of the Quiet Space, rugged coastlines and majestic isles are the source of inspiration. We focus on Andrew Tasselmyer’s latest release for Shimmering Moods, using source recordings from Taiwan as the starting point for his beguiling compositions. As well, two of my favourite New Zealand artists – Antony Milton’s Tapes Punakaiki, recorded in a small beach town on the wild and rugged West Coast of the Sth Island of New Zealand in 2006 and an all time favourite from Roy Montgomery – Scenes From The South Island. This has been lovingly reissued on Grouper’s Yellow Electric imprint. Essential! We round our this episode with Italian composer, Carlo Giustini.

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Quiet Space — #116 — Snufmumriko

Snufmumriko’s music has been described as a ”soundscape cloth woven from field recordings”, there is a wonderful air of mystery to the musical creations of Ingmar Wennerberg. For the past decade he’s been taking listeners on explorations into  dreamy, texturally rich environments. We showcase his brilliant new release on Dronarivm.

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