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Quiet Space — #33 — Travels Through Iceland

Gail Priest is a composer from Sydney making experimental sound and electronic music that explores the interaction of the figurative and the abstract, the machinic and the organic, the sensual and the brutal. She travelled to Iceland as a part of a residency and has created a stunning collection of work called Heraclitus in Iceland. The compositions are based on field recordings in and around the industrial fishing village of Olafsfjordur – water and wind dominate but they are met head on with metal, reflecting the industrial clamour and the toughness required to survive in this harsh environment. It’s a stunning engaging collection that deserves your attention.
are far from pastoral meditations on idyllic landscapes.

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Quiet Space — #32 — Casting Spells

Featuring the 2nd release by KJ Rothweiler, Spells which is haunting and hymnal, music that ” trace the topography of dry riverbeds and the highway’s speechless curve. They condense out of
a bright morning and expand into empty air.” Another excellent release from the always reliable Lost Tribe Sounds imprint.

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Quiet Space — #31 — Nature Mirror

Inspired by the rice fields of Nagano, Japan and the process known as “waking up the fields”, Darren McClure has created glacial drones with manipulated field recordings, warm and calming. He says that “stillness, parallel lines and nature are represented in the music just as clouds and mountains are reflected in the flooded fields.” As well, the excellent piano/string compositions of Slow Meadow’s Costero, plus sounds from Ghost and Tape and the Greatest Hoax.

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Quiet Space — #25 — Certainty of Summer

We start with the latest from Fourplay String Quartet’s Peter Hollo in his Raven guise. Peter weaves captivating sounds, armed with a cello, piano, laptop and Line 6 DL-4 loop pedal. The result – ‘the night is dark, the night is silent, the night is bright, the night is loud’, draws on styles as diverse as neo-classical, ambient, drone, noise, breakbeat and post-rock. As well, a preview of the excellent new release from Slow Meadow and a gorgeous long form drone from Kyle Landstra.

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