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Quiet Space — #213 — Cyanotype

A wonderful new release from Fossil Hunting Collective, aka Jamie Jones, a sound artist/musician from Guelph in Canada. ‘Cyanotype’ was made primarily, via the beautiful surprises thrown out of various guitar pedals along with re-amped loops played back through old cassette recorders. It’s in focus on this episode of the Quiet Space alongside Jamie’s other releases as well as his collaboration with Brad Deschamps (anthene) as Still Harbors and (ph)authers (with Hymns57). It’s come out on the excellent Whitelabrecs label.

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Quiet Space — #211 — Earth Patterns

Our focus on the stunning new release from Szun Waves. The trio – composed of producer Luke Abbott, saxophonist Jack Wyllie and drummer Laurence Pike – recorded Earth Patterns at the tail end of their 2019 tour, locking themselves away in the studio for three days of improvisation. After the pandemic hit, plans for the release were shelved, when Luke Abbott revisited the session, he found himself drawn to the darker, more introspective moments that the group had previously rejected before the pandemic. Highly recommended.

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Quiet Space — #208 — Wake

Our focus this episode on a uniquely stunning work, it will be a favourite come the end of the year. Wake is the debut release from Rosa Beach Mason & Sean Conrad. With this outing they offer a dense set of naturalistic emotional landscapes. Mason’s vocals define each piece with wordless and layered choruses, operating on a purely subconscious and sonic level to create mesmeric drones and sublimely elevated melodies. Sean is the curator of the excellent Inner Islands imprint and I weave a mix around Wake. Enjoy!

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Quiet Space — #206 — The Inventors of Aircraft

On this edition we focus on the work of UK artist Phil Tomsett (aka The Inventors of Aircraft). ‘The Edge of Imagination’ is the latest record under that pseudonym which builds on lush synths and intelligent melodies. The release on the excellent whitelabrecs label is an exploration of the space between virtual and the real, the conscious and sub-conscious and somewhere in between reality and a dream.

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