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Quiet Space — #203 — Music For Listening

Music For Listening is one of my favourite ambient releases of 2022. Michael Scott Dawson over four months during the pandemic wrote the album, but fleshed it out his guitar lines with  tape loops and manipulations, accompanied by field recordings and spare piano elements. It’s our focus on this edition plus work from Maps and Diagrams, Lydian Dunbar, FernLodge and more. 

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Quiet Space — #198 — Stray Theories

Stray Theories is the musical pseudonym of New Zealand based, Australian Musician and Composer Micah Templeton-Wolfe. Micah has been composing and releasing music for over a decade, releasing music primarily under the alias Stray Theories. His latest, This Light, on n5MD, is our focus on this edition of The Quiet Space.

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Quiet Space — #197 — Still Life

Our focus is on Igor Yalivec, with his gorgeous new record “Still Life”. Igor has released several works as part of Gamardah Fungus, but this solo work is his most peaceful music to date. The album was inspired by the beauty of old villages in the Carpathian forests of Ukraine, with their unhurried pace of life, calming atmosphere and wild nature. Another stunning release from the always reliable Polar Seas Recording label.

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Quiet Space — #195 — The Sounds of Oxherding

If you are in dire need of blissful electronic meditations, then I highly recommend you lose yourself in the fantastic compositions of Oxherding, aka Fitz Hartwig. Fitz lives in Saint Louis, enjoys napping, and operates the wonderful Distant Bloom label. He suggests listening to these sounds with a clear mind and an open heart.

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