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Quiet Space — #59 — Tinderbox

Featuring the work of guitarist John Encarnacao, with his trio Espadrille. Tinderbox is an album soaked in the heat haze of the Australian summer, played with great restraint by three musicians responding to both the requirements of a compositional frame and each other in the moment. As well, the hypnotic debut from Ezra Feiberg – Pentimento and Others will be a Quiet Space favourite this year and Aaron Martin returns with yet another gorgeous collection of string drones.

We’re featuring an excellent new work from guitarist John Encarnacao, who created an aleatoric score for the play Tinderbox written by Alana Valentine and directed by Zoë Carides for Darlinghurst Theatre. It was performed live in the studio by improvising trio Espadrille. , played with great restraint by three musicians responding to both the requirements of a compositional frame and each other in the moment.

As well, the excellent debut release from Ezra Feinberg, a mixture of minimal classical works and West African Guitar Music and Aaron Martin’s new work – a collaboration with visual artist Yusuf Sevinçli.

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Quiet Space — #58 — Q Space

Longform Editions is an ongoing series of music pieces curated to foster and celebrate immersive listening experiences for the musically adventurous. We’re featuring the work of Lee Noble, a composer from Nashville whose audio work has focused on the in-between places of music forms, where synthesizer composition and folk traditions start to meet. As well, new works from David Newlyn and Fabio Orsi.

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Quiet Space — #57 — Staccato Signals

For many years I’ve played the music of Ben Chatwin – mostly under his guise of Talvihorros. In recent years Ben has created compelling works under his own name, his latest, Staccato Signals is a bolder and more ambitious record than anything he has written before.

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Quiet Space — #56 — Spectra

Spectra is a journey. Tom Hall delivers here an impressive work based on the concept of “surround”. Merging a daily practice of experimentation, the research on polyrhythms and syncopation, and the use of mathematical formulas connected with our world, Tom creates a vast environmental based music.

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Quiet Space — #55 — A House With Too Much Fire

Our feature release on this edition is ‘A House With Too Much Fire’, the new album from Seabuckthorn. Andy Cartwright is an acoustic guitarist & multi-instrumentalist who explores alternative terrains on six to twelve strings as Seabuckthorn. Cartwright uses the techniques of finger picking & bowing combined with various open tunings to form a well curated mixture of approaches, often with minimal layered accompaniments. As well, new releases from Daniel Bachman, Slow Meadow and Alapastel.

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Quiet Space — #54 — Songs For Coco

Based out of Berlin, Germany, electronic music composer and perfomer Stefan Paul Goetsch AKA Hainbach, creates shifting audio landscapes THE WIRE called “One hell of a trip” We feature his latest collection, a six track suite of other worldly beauty. “Songs For Coco” utilises the unique Cocoquantus effects system designed by Ciat Lombarde. The signature lo-fi cascading delays of this instrument become the signature to an utterly haunting and deeply personal album. As well, the excellent new release from Joe Talia plus Tim Coster and Hessien.

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Quiet Space — #53 — World in Dreams

We focus on a brilliant collection new compilation from Stadiums & Shrines and Cascine – Dreams – a double album of new ambient and experimental compositions by contemporary artists like Bing & Ruth, Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith, Gem Club and more. this collection is a journey, comprised of music, images, and text, inviting listeners to explore, interpret and contemplate.

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Quiet Space — #52 — Anything Is Possible

Ben Rath is an ambient multi-instrumentalist based in Manchester who has just released a wonderful new release, Anything Is Possible, on the Sound In Silence label. Ben weaves a lush sound palette with layers of grainy, drenched in reverb, synths, whistling drones, distorted warm guitars and loops of hypnotic samples.

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Quiet Space — #51 — Lost Memories

S.Oliwa is an Argentinian composer who has been described as the master of the slow, super organic, build. I first discovered his music a few years ago with a release on the sadly defunct Twice Removed imprint from Perth. His latest release on Geology Records is excellent and is our feature work on this edition of the Quiet Space.

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Quiet Space — #50 — Out of Hibernation

Hibernate is a small label from the UK, their motto is “We Love Ambient”. Not only do they love it, they have curated since 2009 some incredible releases, establishing some of what are now popular names in this musical field. The Quiet Space has long championed Hibernate, who have returned to releasing music after a four year absence, To celebrate their return, and our 50th edition of the Quiet Space, this edition is dedicated to the two new postcard releases from Anthene and Mind Over MIDI as well as looking at some of the wonderful postcard releases since their inception.

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Quiet Space — #49 — Black Box Animals

‘Black Box Animals’ is the debut release from the Italian duo, Luton, formed in 2017 by Roberto P. Siguera and Attilio Novellino. Their music is described as “crawling abstract electronic structures thatmeld seamlessly into a wide array of electro-acoustics, built upon a fine edge that is focused on mood as much as melody”. It’s another great release from the Lost Tribe Sound label, the duo work closely with the Luton Sinfonietta who add strings, woodwind, percussion and brass.

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