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Quiet Space — #78 — A Sacred Place

offthesky is experimental sound artist Michael Jason Corder from Denver Colorado, who has released around 70 releases over the past 15 years. On this episode we feature his new long form work, To Break Is Something Sacred plus Luna Monk, Simon Bainton and the excellent news that Stunned Records is to revive in 2019.

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Quiet Space — #77 — Diamond Eye

Over the past 20+ years Leighton Craig has followed a beautiful low-tech pathway to documenting keyboard works, songs, field recording and sound installation. Recorded at home and on beach holidays between 2006 and 2010, Diamond Eye is a personal sketchbook of fuzzy hymnals and haunting songs. As well, two beautifiul longform works from Ekin Fil and Music For Sleep.

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Quiet Space — #76 — A Peaceful Future

Our focus on the excellent release Salaam for Yemen, compiled by hibernate and dronarivm. 100% of profits raised from this album will be donated to the charity War Child. Children and young people have the right to grow up free from fear and violence, to develop to their full potential and contribute to a peaceful future – for themselves and for their communities.

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Quiet Space — #74 — Anton Belov’s Piano Works

On Piano Works I, Anton Belov’s first album released under his own name, is a nostalgic journey through experimental piano compositions, bathed in electronic ambience. Fans of Anton’s Kiev-based band KAUAN might find something familiar in Piano Works I, as the songs within are reimaginings of motifs pulled from the band’s catalogue. It’s a focus on this edition of the program.

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Quiet Space — #73 — Bionulor: 100% sound recycling

Bionulor is a one-man music project founded in 2006 by the Polish actor and educationist Sebastian Banaszczyk using his own working method named “100% sound recycling”. This means that every track is created solely on the basis of processing only one sample deriving of a specially selected source sound, without any additional sounds or instruments.

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Quiet Space — #72 — Ghost In The Machine

Inspired by the hours spent on travelling on tour and all the isolated landscapes he encountered, Canadian composer Cédric D. Lavoie’s 88 was composed on the piano with bowed and plucked upright basses, some discrete percussion and sound effects.  88 is Cédric D. Lavoie’s first album for Preserved Sound and our featured work on this edition of the Quiet Space. As well the excellent new Yamaneko release on Longform Editions plus Panoptique Electrical, Ben Chatwin and more….

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