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Quiet Space — #181 — Process

Tobias Karlehag is a multi-instrumentalist and sound artist from Gothenburg, Sweden. With his solo project he creates spacious ambient and drone music through algorithmic compositions and improvisation. In his debut album ‘Process’ he shapes a still and meditative state with modular synths, electric guitar and various electronics with underlying narratives. We’ll also feature other wonderful releases from the Past Inside The Present label on this episode of the Quiet Space.

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Quiet Space — #179 — The Strange Charm of Polar Seas

Originally born in London to mixed Indian/British heritage, Simon McCorry trained in cello at The Centre for Young Musicians & Morley College then studied philosophy at Durham University, he is now based in Stroud, Gloucestershire. His work is a rich combination of field recordings, adept loop based cello compositions and atmospheric improvisations that explore the rich sonic possibilities of the cello through a host of treatments and effects chains. His latest album for the excellent Polar Seas label is our feature as we also take stock of some of their amazing other releases from this year.

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Quiet Space — #178 — Panabrite

Under the name Panabrite, Seattle-based electronic musician Norm Chambers makes incredibly emotional and lush music through his love of analog synthesizers. His work draws from early new age, kosmische, and library music. In recent times, Norm has been going through some hardship with his health. I wanted to dedicate this show to his amazing talent and inspirational music. Visit his bandcamp site and help support this amazing artist. 

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Quiet Space — #177 — Origamibiro

Back after a six year hiatus, Origamibiro return with their latest, Miscellany. It comprises a varied mixture of work, ranging from electroacoustic to orchestral chamber music. Equal parts cracked ambience and percussive acoustic instrumentation, they employ hi and lo-fi technologies and an array of unorthodox objects to create incredible warm and compelling compositions.

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Quiet Space — #172 — Path of The Sun

Path of the Sun is a collaborative project between Daniel Guillén and Steve Targo, known for their solo endeavors as Lunaria and Inner Travels, respectively. The two have walked parallel paths, releasing their own brands of inward-looking synthesizer and keyboard driven music throughout the last 5+ years. As well as focusing on this stunning release, we listen to come of the other recent offerings from the always reliable Inner Islands imprint.

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