The return of pimpod!!!! Here’s a special mix that blends the ambience of the Quiet Space and the ‘pop’ of 1/2/3/4 – all in a blurry seamless transition. No chit chat. This is a remix of a live transmission on a very small internet only station in Adelaide called Duck Radio that occured in mid January. A very occasional broadcast. Please enjoy this first program in a while. It’s good to be back.

Track: Untitled/Aeckt Wetting Shower (Intro)
Artist: Xiphiidae
Time: 0:00

Track: Sixtyniner (early version)
Artist: Boards of Canada
Release: Psychogeographic X (Various Artists)
Label: Diskono
Time: 2:20

Track: Other Sleepers (excerpt)
Artist: The Humble Bee
Release: A Miscellany for the Quiet Hours
Label: Astral Industries
Time: 5:59

Track: Up With The Orcadian Tide
Artist: Starless and Bible Black
Release: Up With The Orcadian Tide 7″
Label: Static Caravan
Time: 6:55

Track: I Blegt Og Koligt Lys (excerpt)
Artist: O. Vaupel
Release: I Blegt Og Køligt Lys
Label: Janushoved
Time: 11:37

Track: Wait
Artist: Secret Stars
Release: Wait 7″
Label: Simple Machines
Time: 12:34

Track: Phased Moon
Artist: Matthewdavid
Release: Mycelium Music
Label: Leaving Records
Time: 15:47

Track: milksugar
Artist: Crushed
Release: milksugar
Label: Ghostly International
Time: 18:43

Track: After the Rain (excerpt)
Artist: Porya Hatami
Release: Shallow
Label: Tench
Time: 23:49

Track: Tael Of A Saeghors
Artist: The Makers of the Dead Trave Fast
Release: Tael Of A Saeghors 7″
Label: M Squared
Time: 25:46

Track: Endless Summer
Artist: Fennesz
Release: Endless Summer
Label: Mego
Time: 30:27

Track: “the Dream Team”
Artist: Fievel Is Glauque
Release: God’s Trashmen Sent to Right the Mess
Label: Zach Phillips
Time: 38:44

Track: Blue
Artist: Loving
Release: Blue
Label: Self Released
Time: 40:10

Track: Skullsplitter
Artist: Eric Chenaux
Release: Skullsplitter
Label: Constellation Records
Time: 42:21

Track: Side E (excerpt)
Artist: Tricorn and Queue
Release: Greening Wave Box
Label: Housecraft
Time: 45:29

Track: Janet’s Song
Artist: Maths Balance Volumes
Release: Cycles of Tonite
Label: Penultimate Press
Time: 50:58

Track: Isobel
Artist: unrest
Release: Imperial f.f.r.r
Label: Teenbeat
Time: 54:06

Track: Circumlocation (excerpt)
Artist: pimmon
Release: Kinetica
Label: (K-RAA-K)³
Time: 56:14

Track: Negative Walk
Artist: L’Áugmentation
Release: Negative Walk 7″
Label: Kooky Disc
Time: 58:20


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