Celebrating all the great music that came out in 2018 – better late than never! It’s the 1/2/3/4 Top 50 tracks from last year. In Part 1, we count down from #50 to #26. 

Track: Grownups
Artist: Bart & The Bedazzled
Release: Blue Hotel
Label: Lovemonk

Track: What Do You Want Me To Be
Artist: Woolen Men
Release: Post
Label: Dog’s Table

Track: When the Angels Wake You
Artist: Brona McVittie
Release: We Are The Wildlife
Label: Company of Corkbots

Track: Kaleidoscope Eyes
Artist: Liz Cooper & The Stampede
Release: Window Flowers
Label: Sleepyhead Records

Track: Come to Pass
Artist: Mutual Benefit
Release: Thunder Follows the Light
Label: Transgressive

Track: Come Tomorrow
Artist: The Lost Brothers
Release: Halfway Towards A Healing
Label: Bird Dog Recordings

Track: Right To Try
Artist: Dean Forever
Release: Dean Forever
Label: Self Released

Track: We Can’t Win
Artist: The Goon Sax
Release: We’re Not Talking
Label: Chapter Music

Track: Winter Moon
Artist: Holly Arrowsmith
Release: A Dawn I Remember
Label: Self Released

Track: Cemalim
Artist: Altin Gün
Release: On
Label: lesdisquesbongojoe

Track: Signal Man
Artist: R.W.Hedges
Release: The Hunters In The Snow
Label: Wonderfulsound

Track: Ana’s Little City
Artist: Dom and The Wizards
Release: Ana’s Little City
Label: Cryptic Mystic Records

Track: Love Said (Let’s Go)
Artist: 77:78
Release: Jellies
Label: Heavenly Records 

Track: Medicine Woman
Artist: Demi Mitchell
Release: The Overflow
Label: Self Released

Track: Open Here
Artist: Field Music
Release: Open Here
Label: Memphis Industries

Track: The End
Artist: Ryan Downey
Release: Running
Label: Barely Dressed Records

Track: Rain on Tin
Artist: The Ocean Party
Release: The Oddfellows’ Hall
Label: Osborne Again / Spunk

Track: Solid Ground
Artist: Lucy Wise
Release: Winter Sun
Label: Self Released

Track: False Light
Artist: The Willows
Release: Through The Wild
Label: ELK Records

Track: The Border
Artist: Astronauts, etc.
Release: Living in Symbol
Label: Coqueiro Verde Records

Track: Dreamin’
Artist: GospelbeacH
Release: Another Winter Alive
Label: Alive Natural Sound

Track: Heaven, Almost
Artist: Ralegh Long
Release: Heaven, Almost
Label: Self Released

Track: If I Was Your Heart
Artist: Rosali
Release: Trouble Anyway
Label: Scissor Tail Records

Track: Bassackwards
Artist: Kurt Vile
Release: Bottle It In
Label: Matador

Track: Oom Sha La La
Artist: Haley Heynderickx
Release: I Need To Start A Garden
Label: Mama Bird Recordings

1/2/3/4 Top 50 Countdown — Best of 2018— Part 1