Month: February 2021

Quiet Space — #170 — Good Causes from Mailbox and Polar Seas

Two stellar labels have just released compilations for very good causes. Mailbox from the UK have put together 32 tracks for Music For Another Sky, in order to raise awareness and/or raise money for the UK charity, Refuge, helping women and children – against domestic violence. Polar Seas Recordings offers a compilation in celebration of the label’s 50th release, all proceeds go to All Creatures Rescue in Toronto. Both releases are HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, please support both of these amazing releases.

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1/2/3/4 — #191 — This Way North

Two-piece indie pop-rock band This Way North have released the final installment in their trilogy of EPs, beckoning us to shake off the year that was 2020 and welcome brighter days. Recorded in Nashville just before the Pandemic took over our lives, it’s a lovingly crafted collection of songs that are equally atmospheric and riff-laden. Guitarist/singer Leisha Jungalwalla joins me a chat plus excellent new music from The Catenary Wires, Minor Moon and Sunbathe.

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1/2/3/4 — #190 — Getting There

An old school style program, in which I head to the studio with a shopping bag of CDs, a hard drive with recent releases and a touch of waffle as I shuffle the deck in an improv fashion as I attempt to inform and entertain!

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