Month: March 2019

1/2/3/4 — #93 — From Trash to Treasure

Artist, tinkerer, tunesmith, swamp Yankee, Matt Lorenz is a one-man salvage specialist singing into the hollow of a Dumpster guitar, slipping a broken bottleneck onto the slide finger, railing on a box of twisted forks and bones, rocking till every sound is ragged at its edges, till the house is singing back. He has a brand new collection of songs out very soon on the excellent Signature Sounds label. As well, the excellent new album from Rozi Plain that features a brilliant Sun Ra cover and Jordie Lane returns with a captivating new release.

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Quiet Space — #82 — I Remember When

“I Remember When” is the sixth album from Tokyo based nostalgic ambient soloist Ex Confusion. Atsuhito Omori has been doing this type of minimalist modern compositional ambient for nearly a decade and continues to create sounds that are deeply intimate and achingly melancholic.

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1/2/3/4 — #92 — Solace in the Solitary

After playing and writing in bands for over a decade, Darvid Thor (Cactus Channel/Frida/Karate Boogaloo) has released his solo debut album, ​I’m Never Really Here. These are songs recorded alone in his bedroom, that deal with loss and change, that sparkle and stutter with a woozy charm. As well the excellent new single from Lucy Roleff, a stunning ode to the music of Brazil from Claude Fontaine and introducing Astronaut Husband.

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1/2/3/4 — #91 — Hillybilly Blues and Soulful Moves

Kristen Lee Morris has built a career on writing, singing and playing guitar in a raw and soulful fashion. It is blues music at its core but with a freedom and range that also draws on country and folk styles. We’ll hear a stunning track from last year’s Hillbilly Blues release. Plus the Soul Movers are back with a punchy collection of new songs, uptempo rootsy pop from Rach Brennan and The Pines and storyteller/larrikin Wire Bluthe.

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Quiet Space — #81 — Circling

Just over a year after the release of sophomore album Origin and Echo, Snow Palms (aka David Sheppard) returns with a powerful two-track 12”. We focus on the track Circling, a bold orchestral reimagining of one of the highlights from his last album. As well, the magical Splinter Orchestra.

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