Just over a year after the release of sophomore album Origin and Echo, Snow Palms (aka David Sheppard) returns with a powerful two-track 12”. We focus on the track Circling, a bold orchestral reimagining of one of the highlights from his last album. As well, the magical Splinter Orchestra.

Track: Circling (Arrangement for String Quartet by Matt Dunkley)
Artist: Snow Palms
Release: Everything Ascending
Label: Village Green Recordings

Track: Pulse
Artist: Jacob Pavek
Release: Nome
Label: Unperceived Records

Track: 1853
Artist: nordBeck
Release: MARTN
Label: Purlieu Recordings

Track: Desensitization
Artist: Masaya Kato
Release: Contact
Label: Whitelabrecs

Track: Third Play
Artist: The Splinter Orchestra
Release: The Splinter Orchestra
Label: SplitRec

Track: Throat Feeling
Artist: Rhys Mottley
Release: Parasite
Label: SplitRec

Track: Vihne
Artist: Jens Pauly
Release: Vihne
Label: Whitelabrecs

Track: The Tender Kind
Artist: Scott Campbell
Release: Photos From The Flood
Label: 79Ancestors

Track: A Hymn For The Broken
Artist: Corey Fuller
Release: Break
Label: 12k

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