Phia is the entrancing DIY-art-pop music project of multi-instrumentalist songwriter and composer Sophia Exiner. She joins me to chat about her upcoming album, working with Melbourne Indie Voices and the art of looping. As well, amazing new releases from Coda Chroma, Emma Frank and Shana Falana.

Track: 1-2-3 (excerpt) – INTRO
Artist: Bonniesongs
Release: Energetic Mind
Label: Art As Catharsis

Track: Go Higher
Artist: Shana Falana
Release: Darkest Light
Label: Arrowhawk

Track: Beige and Gold
Artist: Coda Chroma
Release: Inside The Still Life
Label: Self Released

If you’re in Melbourne, Coda Chroma are launching their album Sunday Oct 27 at Howler – come along , I’ll be there! Come and say hi….

Track: Full Circle feat. Melbourne Indie Voices (excerpt)
Artist: Phia
Release: Full Circle
Label: Self released

Phia has an excellent show on October 27 at the Forum. Tickets available here.

Phia Interview Part 1

Track: Phenomenal Woman (excerpt)
Artist: Phia
Release: Town Hall Live Sessions
Label: Self Released

Phia Interview Part 2

Track: Oxide
Artist: Phia
Release: The Woman Who Counted The Stars
Label: Self Released

Track: I Thought
Artist: Emma Frank
Release: Come Back
Label: Self Released

Track: Cat & Mouse
Artist: Bonniesongs
Release: Energetic Mind
Label: Art As Catharsis

Track: A View From Above
Artist: Holly Arrowsmith
Release: A Dawn I Remember
Label: Self Released

Holly Arrowsmith is touring Australia in November, dates are here.

Phia Interview Part 3

Track: End of The Day (excerpt)
Artist: Phia
Release: The Ocean of Everything
Label: Self Released

Phia Interview Part 4

Track: Alaska by Maggie Rogers (live) (excerpt)
Artist: Melbourne Indie Voices
Release: Unreleased

Track: Madison Tennessee (feat. Molly Tuttle)
Artist: Rachel Baiman
Release: Thanksgiving EP
Label: Free Dirt Records

Rachel is currently touring Australia, dates are here.

1/2/3/4 — #125 — The Art of Going Full Circle

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