In our annual look at the best ambient works of 2020, we reveal our Top 100 releases. This is Part 1 – counting down 100 – 81.

Track: Echo, diffusion II
Artist: Giuseppe Falivene
Release: Echo, diffusion
Label: Shimmering Moods
Time: 1:28

Track: Holotype
Artist: Emba
Release: Paragraphs
Label: Handstitched*
Time: 8:56

Track: Accidents of the Divine
Artist: Dismantlists
Release: Pilgrims
Label: Workshirt Recordings
Time: 13:01

Track: Let Single Sideband Loneliness Receivers Be Happy
Artist: Test Card
Release: Music For The Towers
Label: Sound In Silence
Time: 18:18

Track: Unforgotten
Artist: Ekin Fil
Release: Coda
Label: Helen Scarsdal
Time: 22:43

Track: The Babbling Brook (excerpt)
Artist: Strategy
Release: The Babbling Brook
Label: Longform Editions
Time: 27:22

Track: Still Frame
Artist: Lauge
Release: Nothingness
Label: Valley View Records
Time: 41:45

Track: Sabi
Artist: Jonas Munk
Release: Minimum Resistance
Label: Azure Vista Records
Time: 47:52

Track: Always The Last Time
Artist: Tapes and Topographies
Release: Inoculations
Label: Dronarivm
Time: 52:25

Track: Yours
Artist: Jogging House
Release: Be
Label: Seil Records
Time: 56:36

Track: Early Summer, 1995
Artist: Yasu Ether
Release: All That’s Here Will Be Sunlight
Label: Shimmering Moods
Time: 1:06:46

Track: First Rain/Blue Savior
Artist: Trevor Powers
Release: Capricorn
Label: Fat Possum Records
Time: 1:14:19

Track: Labyrinth Made Of Labyrinths
Artist: Olga Wojciechowska
Release: Unseen Traces
Label: A Strangely Isolated Place
Time: 1:20:29

Track: kino
Artist: morimoto naoki
Release: hibi
Label: Seil Records
Time: 1:24:00

Track: Day 3 | Hope
Artist: Ybalferran
Release: Our Last Days
Time: 1:27:41

Track: Composition For Loud Magic (excerpt)
Artist: Shy Layers
Release: Composition For Loud Magic
Label: Longform Editions
Time: 1:32:40

Track: 01
Artist: Endurance
Release: Sines
Label: Muzan Editions
Time: 1:41:23

Track: Law and Market
Artist: S.hel
Release: Disconnect
Label: Whitelabrecs
Time: 1:50:13

Track: Until the End of Remembrances
Artist: Enrico Coniglio & Giulio Aldinucci
Release: Stalking The Elusive
Label: Dronarivm
Time: 1:55:45

Track: Un drama mudo (feat. Miguel Otero)
Artist: David Cordero
Release: Honne
Label: Dronarivm
Time: 2:04:51

Quiet Space Top 100 Countdown — Best of 2020 — Part 1 (#158)

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