In our annual look at the best ambient works of 2020, we reveal our Top 100 releases. This is Part 2 – counting down 80 to 61.

Track: Field_Key
Artist: Superposition
Release: Form//Less
Label: Alpha Pup
Time: 0:47

Track: Milan (excerpt)
Artist: Couture
Release: Fashion Week
Time: 6:40

Track: Eleventh Sequence/Fifth Sequence
Artist: 36
Release: Wave Variations
Label: Past Inside the Present
Time: 12:26

Track: Recollection/Sleepwalk
Artist: Wormwood
Release: My Two Minds Become Air
Label: Time Released Sound
Time: 18:05

Track: Restless for mistaken bliss
Artist: James A. McDermid
Release: Transit – Transition (split)
Label: Mailbox
Time: 24:43

Track: The Only Way
Artist: anthéne
Release: Transit – Transition (split)
Label: Mailbox
Time: 27:55

Track: Sunk Into Plastics
Artist: Malvern Brume
Release: Tendrils
Label: A L T E R
Time: 32:34

Track: Breath
Artist: Juha Mäki-Patola
Release: Breath
Label: Hush Hush Records
Time: 38:34

Track: Tract of Gentle Healing (excerpt)
Artist: Matthewdavid’s Mindflight
Release: Care Tracts
Label: Leaving Records
Time: 42:06

Track: The Sunroom (excerpt)
Artist: Blanket Swimming
Release: The Sunroom
Label: Lᴏɴᴛᴀɴᴏ Series
Time: 51:35

Track: room two
Artist: Phillip Sollmann
Release: something is missing
Label: dialrec
Time: 58:15

Track: Lost Glacier
Artist: Distance Learning
Release: Deep Water Libraries
Label: Inner Ocean Records
Time: 1:11:20

Track: We’re Not Alone/Ura Minor
Artist: Polar Moon
Release: As Above, So Below
Label: Past Inside The Present
Time: 1:18:28

Track: Hidden Sun/Visions
Artist: Emanuele Errante
Release: Yon
Label: Facture
Time: 1:23:52

Track: If There Ever Was
Artist: Chronovalve
Release: Light
Label: Home Normal
Time: 1:30:10

Track: A Heart So White/Nothing Ever Really Happens
Artist: Johnny Nash & Suzanne Kraft
Release: A Heart So White
Label: Melody As Truth
Time: 1:35:59

Track: 4th Movement (excerpt)
Artist: Samuel Reinhard
Release: Minatures
Label: Präsens Editionen
Time: 1:41:34

Track: Blue Goat (excerpt)
Artist: Chihei Hatekeyama
Release: Blue Goat
Label: Longform Editions
Time: 1:46:37

Track: Hiking With Eve
Artist: Halftribe
Release: Cloud Dreaming And Shadows
Label: Shimmering Moods
Time: 1:55:21

Track: Excellent Second Effort/This Deliquency
Artist: Derek Rogers
Release: Immersions
Label: We Know Better Records
Time: 2:00:05

Track: Observers and Airmen
Artist: Andrew Heath
Release: The Alchemist’s Muse
Label: Disco Gecko Recordings
Time: 2:05:35

Quiet Space Top 100 Countdown — Best of 2020 — Part 2 (#159)

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