On this episode, we shine a light on some of the recent releases on Lawrence English’s excellent Room40 imprint. Room40, a beacon of sound…ringing out from the deepest south.

Track: Whistling In The Dark
Artist: David Toop & Lawrence English
Release: The Shell That Speaks The Sea
Label: Room40
Time: 0:00

Track: Les attracteurs de particules (excerpt)
Artist: Jérôme Noetinger
Release: Outside Supercolor
Label: Room40
Time: 3:30

Track: Neural (excerpt)
Artist: Werner Dafeldecker
Release: Neural
Label: Room40
Time: 8:28

Track: Green Waves
Artist: Alexandra Spence
Release: Blue Waves, Green Waves
Label: Room40
Time: 19:12

Track: Winter Couplet (excerpt)
Artist: steve roden
Release: winter couplet
Label: Room40
Time: 24:26

Track: Ghost Monk Dance
Artist: Zane Trow
Release: envoûteuse haleine
Label: Room40
Time: 30:20

Track: Sparse Memory
Artist: Ken Ikeda
Release: Sparse Memory
Label: Room40
Time: 34:29

Track: A flash in the pan
Artist: Megan Alice Clune
Release: Furtive Glances
Label: Room40
Time: 41:20

Track: Trenches Of Time
Artist: Primitive Motion
Release: Portrait Of An Atmosphere
Label: Room40
Time: 45:48

Track: A Moving Touch
Artist: Bill Seaman and Stephen Vitiello
Release: The Clear Distance
Label: Room40
Time: 54:26

Track: Same River, Twice
Artist: Aviva Endean
Release: Moths & Stars
Label: Room40
Time: 1:01:32

Track: Peaceful Use of the Atom
Artist: Stephen Vitiello
Release: Soundtracks for Andrew Deutsch
Label: Room40
Time: 1:06:39


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