In our annual look at the best ambient works of 2020, we reveal our Top 100 releases. This is Part 3 – counting down 61-40.

Track: Tides That Defeat Identity
Artist: Nick Storring
Release: My Magic Dreams Have Lost Their Spell
Label: Orange Milk
Time: 1:10

Track: Three Years Later (The Formation of a New Animal)
Artist: Museum of No Art
Release: Museum of No Art
Label: Self Released
Time: 10:30

Track: Sun at 5 in 4161
Artist: Andrew Tuttle
Release: Alexandra
Label: Room 40
Time: 15:22

Track: He Shakes The Arrows
Artist: r hunter
Release: Dead Ambient
Label: .jpeg Artefacts
Time: 20:16

Track: Owl Slumber Cycle
Artist: Milam Wisp
Release: Butterfly Tokens
Label: Shimmering Moods
Time: 28:14

Track: Turning Around
Artist: Ghost Shift
Release: Silver Lake
Label: Hush Hush Records
Time: 39:38

Track: Soledad
Artist: Pepo Galán
Release: Soledad
Label: Stereoscenic
Time: 45:34

Track: Gaffney Fields
Artist: zakè
Release: Carolina
Label: Polar Seas Recordings
Time: 52:06

Track: Cádiz/Cádiz Pt 2 (excerpt)
Artist: Jörgen Kjellgren
Release: Invincible Summer
Label: Past Inside The Present
Time: 56:28

Track: Di Luminosa Calma
Artist: Federico Mosconi
Release: Il Tempo Della Nostra Estate
Label: Slowcraft
Time: 1:03:50

Track: Archery
Artist: Michalis Moschoutis
Release: Classical Mechanics
Label: Room 40
Time: 1:16:57

Track: Slight, Far (excerpt)
Artist: K.Leimer
Release: Slight, Far
Label: Longform Editions
Time: 1:25:17

Track: Shona (excerpt)
Artist: Slow Reels
Release: Farewell Islands
Label: Morr Music
Time: 1:35:46

Track: Sunday Piano/House of Phase
Artist: Caldwell/Tester
Release: Little Flower
Label: Astral Spirits
Time: 1:43:08

Track: Crisis
Artist: Sachi Kobayashi
Release: Moon & Sea
Label: Serein
Time: 1:52:21

Track: Bonfire
Artist: Peter Bark
Release: Astral Ecotone
Label: Drift
Time: 1:58:27

Track: Sunshine in 1929/People On Sunday
Artist: Domenique Dumont
Release: People On Sunday
Label: Leaf Label
Time: 2:02:54

Track: The Lighthouse
Artist: Panoptique Electrical
Release: Five Pianos
Label: Sound In Silence
Time: 2:09:59

Track: Foim/Plai
Artist: Blochemy
Release: Nebe
Label: Whitelabrecs
Time: 2:15:25

Track: Passiflora
Artist: Green-House
Release: Passiflora
Label: Longform Editions
Time: 2:22:41

Quiet Space Top 100 Countdown — Best of 2020 — Part 3 (#160)

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