In our annual look at the best ambient works of 2020, we reveal our Top 100 releases. This is Part 4 – counting down 40-21

Track: Shadow Creatures of the Moon/The Shape of Modern Tragedy
Artist: Still Harbours
Release: Armature
Time: 1:21

Track: Ghosts and Memories
Artist: David Cordero & Pepo Galan
Release: As A Silent Tongue Shadow
Label: Muzan Editions
Time: 10:37

Track: We Crossed The Lake
Artist: Claire Deak & Tony Dupe
Release: The Old Capital
Label: Lost Tribe Sound
Time: 17:04

Track: Drones From The Heartland/Light Returning
Artist: Black Brunswicker
Release: Wanderers In The North
Label: Stereoscenic
Time: 22:21

Track: Morgenånder (edit/excerpt)
Artist: Sofie Birch
Release: Themes For A Better Tomorrow Vol. II ‘Hidden Terraces’
Time: 30:08

Track: Ocean Itself (excerpt)
Artist: A Crushed Rose
Release: Someone Is Looking Out For Us
Label: Self Released
Time: 40:53

Track: Solace
Artist: KMRU
Release: Peel
Label: Editions Mego
Time: 49:01

Track: Nod/Dawn
Artist: Morimoto Naoki
Release: Dusk To Dawn
Time: 56:33

Track: I am sorry I trespassed in your heart (edit/excerpt)
Artist: The Humble Bee
Release: Daymark
Label: Dauw
Time: 1:03:50

Track: Soil For Growth/Returning Birds
Artist: Duelling Ants
Release: Moments In Spring
Label: Wow and Flutter
Time: 1:14:15

Track: Axis Matters/Odd Memory
Artist: thme
Release: that’s what it will be like
Label: Whitelabrecs
Time: 1:27:46

Track: Feral
Artist: Ishmael Cormack
Release: Feral
Label: Mailbox
Time: 1:36:10

Track: Palabras Naufragio/Medias De Lana
Artist: Lumtz
Release: Otono
Label: Self Released
Time: 1:43:11

Track: Hovering Between
Artist: Kris Keogh & Endurance
Release: In Autumn
Label: Provenance
Time: 1:49:17

Track: Renewal/Trust
Artist: Jogging House
Release: Companion
Label: Dauw

Track: Loop 6/Loop 4
Artist: Gareth Hardwick
Release: Loops
Label: Low Point
Time: 2:03:53

Track: Alpenglow/Glittering Pain
Artist: r beny
Release: Natural Fiction
Label: Self Released
Time: 2:10:21

Track: Apart D/Apart J
Artist: Simon Scott
Release: Apart
Label: 12k
Time: 2:17:18

Track: LOG 9/LOG 4
Artist: LOG
Release: LOG ET3RNAL
Label: Bblisss
Time: 2:22:0

Track: Oscura
Artist: Toan
Release: Volta No Vento
Label: IIKKI
Time: 2:29:32

Quiet Space Top 100 Countdown — Best of 2020 — Part 4 (#161)

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