Jesse Glass is a Melbourne/Narrm born, London-based musician and songwriter. As the former drummer with Tulalah, he’s continuing to create beautiful complex music, a surprising blend of dark yet gorgeous harmonies and layered guitar. He creates a unique folk sound that is capable of simultaneously haunting and calming listeners.

A sublime teaser from his upcoming album, we will also revisit a track from his former group Tulalah plus the fantastic return of duo The Yearlings, magic harmonies from the Hackles and compelling twee pop from Special Friend.

Track: Untitled A2 (excerpt intro)
Artist: Digital Natives
Release: Let Three Be Light
Label: Housecraft Recordings

Track: Unknown Orchard
Artist: Bruiser and Bicycle
Release: Holy Red Wagon
Label: Topshelf Records

Track: Not Fooling Anyone
Artist: Jesse Glass
Release: Not Fooling Anyone
Label: Self Released

Track: Vertigo
Artist: Nadine Khouri
Release: Another Life
Label: Talitres

Track: Downtown
Artist: The Yearlings
Release: Luck
Label: Self Released

Track: Angela
Artist: The Hackles
Release: What a beautiful thing i have made
Label: Jealous Butcher Records

Track: I’m Going To Let You Break My Heart
Artist: Hollow Hand
Release: Your Own Adventure
Label: Curation Records

Track: Dandelion Wish
Artist: Vanity Mirror
Release: Puff
Label: We Are Busy Bodies

Track: Selkie
Artist: Special Friend
Release: Wait Until The Flames Come Rushing In
Label: Skep Wax

Track: Cycles
Artist: Tulalah
Release: Cycles
Label: Self Released

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