For most musicians, there is no free ride, no pot of gold, no label holding you hand. It’s a tough slog in the real world, but it is fulfilling, doing something you love and sharing your talents. Sibling duo Charm of Finches have taken the DIY path since they started, releasing a wonderful debut album in 2016, Staring at the Starry Ceiling. Now they are nearly ready to share their follow up, Your Company. They’ve launched a Pozible campaign to get them over the line with associated costs. We’ll share a special track and details how you can help support them. As well, it’s so good to have Ups and Downs back with an old favourite tune, a cracking song about climate change from Theories of Everything, we’ll introduce you to a wonderful label out of British Columbia in Kingfisher Bluez plus Jamie Hutchings, Gena Rose Bruce and the AMAZING Coda Chroma.

Track: Home (excerpt – Intro)
Artist: Caribou
Release: Home
Label: Merge/City Slang

Track: The Real World
Artist: Ups and Downs
Release: The Real World 7″
Label: Basketcase Records

Track: In Ceremony
Artist: Capitol
Release: Dream Noise
Label: Kingfisher Bluez

Track: Tylenol
Artist: Bridal Party
Release: Too Much
Label: Kingfisher Bluez

Track: For You
Artist: Gena Rose Bruce
Release: Can’t Make You Love Me
Label: Remote Control

Track: Hope
Artist: Charm of Finches
Recorded for 1/2/3/4, Originally on Staring At The Starry Ceiling

You can support their Pozible campaign, with only 6 days to go here

Track: Two Coiled Springs
Artist: Rachael Dadd
Release: Flux
Label: Memphis Industries

Track: An Arm Wrestle With A Train
Artist: Jamie Hutchings
Release: King Hits And Goldfish Memories ( A Live Album)
Label: Self Released

Jamie Hutchings Tour Details Here

Track: Bad Luck
Artist: Coda Chroma
Release: Inside The Still Life
Label: Self Released

Coda Chroma tour details here

Track: Extinction Blues
Artist: Theories of Everything
Release: Extinction Blues
Label: Self Released

1/2/3/4 — #126 — Living In The Real World

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