This is a special mix of one of my favourite composers from Italy, Fabio Orsi. Fabio is an electronic musician from Taranto (Southern Italy) specialising in atmospheric drone. In his compositions the languages of popular tradition meet the avantgarde approach. We focus on only some of the great releases from his career, with a look at his latest work, Sterminato Piano.

Track: The Wild Light of the Moon (excerpt)
Artist: Fabio Orsi
Release: The Wild Light of the Moon
Label: Sentient Recognition Archive

Track: Il Ricordo Improvviso dell’assoluto Stupore (excerpt)
Artist: Fabio Orsi
Release: Il Ricordo Improvviso dell’assoluto Stupore
Label: Backwards

Track: Young Love
Artist: Fabio Orsi
Release: Audio For Lovers
Label: Last Visible Dog

Track: Sopra la terra
Artist: Fabio Orsi
Release: Sterminato Piano
Label: Backwards

Track: Glowing Echoes Part 2
Artist: Fabio Orsi
Release: Glowing Echoes
Label: Analogpath

Track: At Last As Naked Clouds
Artist: Fabio Orsi (with Gianluca Becuzzi)
Release: Please Don’t Count the Clouds
Label: Foxglove

Track: Garnacha
Artist: Fabio Orsi & pimmon
Release: Procrastination
Label: Home Normal

Quiet Space — #83 — The Magic of Fabio Orsi

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