A Milestone! Episode 100 of 1/2/3/4. No trumpet fanfare (we did have a trombone last episode), just a selection of some of the best new music. Firefly Burning are a folk ensemble with a progressive arthouse twist, I’ve long admired their work and excited by their upcoming new release. Produced by Tim Friese-Greene this is a stunning collection of adventurous songs. As well, Brian Campeau and Hannah Cameron join forces as Brain Romance, their first single reveals some sublime harmonies. Plus new essential tracks from Cate Le Bon, Nev Cottee and a tribute to Patrick Gibson.

Track: Iranian Rockabilly (Intro)
Artist: Pleasant Peasants
Release: Pardon Me For Barging In Like This… (M Squared: Rare Recordings 1979-1983)
Label: M Squared

Track: International Voltage
Artist: The Systematics
Release: My Life In The Field Of Cows 7″
Label: M Squared

Track: Two Unbidden Cups
Artist: No Night Sweats
Release: Come and See The Silly Work
Label: Self Released

Track: Rolling Back the Dial (feat. Hand Habits)
Artist: Dark Tea
Release: Dark Tea
Label: Fire Talk

Track: Mirror Ball
Artist: Luke Tooze
Release: Help Me, Help You
Label: Self Released

Track: Honest Words
Artist: Brain Romance
Release: Honest Words
Label: Self Released

Track: Lost
Artist: Firefly Burning
Release: Breathe Shallow
Label: Self Released

Track: Hold Me Darling
Artist: Claire Anne Taylor
Release: All The Words
Label: Self Released

Track: As Clouds Collide
Artist: Aine Tyrell
Release: Return To The Sea
Label: Self Released

Track: The Light
Artist: Cate Le Bon
Release: Reward
Label: Misteltone/Mexican Summer

Track: Hello Stranger
Artist: Nev Cottee
Release: River’s Edge
Label: Wonderfulsound

1/2/3/4 — #100 — Firefly Burning and Brain Romance

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