In this episode a chat with one of this country’s outstanding folklorists, Ruth Hazleton who after many years releasing music with others, embarks on her first solo project, Daisywheel. Like many artists these days, connecting directly to friends and fans alike via crowdfunding, it allows not only artistic freedom but a sense of community with those who participate. We’ll find out all about Daisywheel and hopefully you can be involved as well. We will also hear from other artists who have been successful in these ventures recently, Dana Gehrman and Danny Widdicombe and we’ll highlight a gorgeous track from Glen Hansard’s most recent release.

Track: Peak Downs Coal
Artist: Mark Moldre
Release: Fever Dreams
Label: Self Released

Track: So Damn Bad
Artist: Dana Gehrman
Release: Find A Way
Label: Self Released

Track: Let’s Get Lost
Artist: Danny Widdicombe & Trichotomy
Release: Between The Lines
Label: Self Released

Interview with Ruth Hazleton

Track: I Riden Sa
Artist: Ruth Hazleton
Release: Daisywheel DEMO
Label: Unreleased

Help support Ruth Hazleton’s campaign to release Daiywheel here

Track: Leave A Light
Artist: Glen Hansard
Release: This Wild Willing
Label: ANTI-

Track: Smoke Up The River
Artist: Kerryn Fields
Release: Rascal
Label: Self Released

Track: The Killing Season
Artist: Lucille
Release: The Killing Season
Label: Self Released

1/2/3/4 — #112 — A Chat with Ruth Hazleton

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