Some essential new releases from Lucie Thorne, somesurprises, Juice Webster and Lost Ragas plus I chat with Lucky Oceans, paying tribute to the late great Paul Gioia.

Track: Sister Owls (Intro)
Artist: Monster Rally
Release: Adventures on The Floating Island
Label: Gold Robot

Track: Cut My Roots
Artist: Rachael Dadd
Release: Flux
Label: Memphis Industries

Track: Catherine Christie
Artist: Lucie Thorne
Release: Kitty and Frank
Label: Self Released

Track: I’ll Decide For You
Artist: The Good Minus
Release: The Good Minus
Label: Self Released

Track: High Rise
Artist: somesurprises
Release: somesurprises
Label: Drawing Room Records

Track: Television Land
Artist: Konradsen
Release: Saints and Sebastian Stories
Label: Cascine

Track: Lover I Swear
Artist: Juice Webster
Release: Lover I Swear
Label: Self Released

Track: Keeping Up With Yesterday
Artist: Lost Ragas
Release: This is Not A Dream
Label: Brown Truck Records

Chat with Lucky Oceans – paying tribute to the late great Paul Gioia

Track: Sittin’ On Top Of The World
Artist: Bill Lawrie & Paul Gioia
Release: Dead Cat Blues
Label: Self Released

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