Our feature this episode are on five recent releases from a much loved recent series from Longform Editions. The music curated by label owner Andrew Khedoori is about creating a space of musical discovery for extended pieces of exploratory, expansive and immersive music pieces from around the world. Our focus is on Bitchin Bajas is a trio from Chicago consisting of Cooper Crain, Rob Frye and Daniel Quinlivan. Blending electronics and acoustic instruments to create meditative, textured and pulsating compositions since 2010. We’ll also hear works from Matchess, Rimarimba, Primitive Motion and Sun Araw & Mitchell Brown.

Track: Fundamental 256 Hz (excerpt)
Artist: Matchess
Release: Fundamental 256 Hz
Label: Longform Editions

Track: Sea, Shore, See, Sure? (excerpt)
Artist: Rimarimba
Release: Sea, Shore, See, Sure?
Label: Longform Editions

Track: Demeter (excerpt)
Artist: Bitchin Bajas
Release: Demeter
Label: Longform Editions

Track: Fluid Array (excerpt)
Artist: Sun Araw & Mitchell Brown
Release: Fluid Array
Label: Longform Editions

Track: Cradle of the Horizon
Artist: Primitive Motion
Release: Cradle of the Horizon
Label: Longform Editions

Quiet Space — #109 — Reclaim Time and Space

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