Perseverance. Patience. These are essential tools in any musician’s survival kit. Anna Cordell knows these disciplines all too well. It’s been a long time coming for her debut album and it’s a gem. I feature a stunning track which is already in running for a favourite for this year! She plays tender yet deceptively complex folk music heightened by her penchant for the minor key. As well, a brilliant new release from Ryan Power, sparse melancholic electronic folk from Keeley Forsyth and the return of the Gadflys!

INTRO: Rio Beach (excerpt)
Artist: Bodikhuu
Release: Rio / Bodianova
Label: Farsi Records

Track: Square Ruled Pages
Artist: Halfway
Release: Shake Yer Popboomerang Volume 3
Label: Popboomerang

Track: Sweet Thing (Painted into a Corner)
Artist: The Gadflys
Release: Love and Despair
Label: Self Released

Track: Tried So Hard
Artist: Anna Cordell
Release: Nobody Knows Us
Label: Self Released

Watch the amazing video for her song here featuring her Daughters, Mum and Grandmother

Track: Look To Yourself
Artist: Keeley Forsyth
Release: Debris
Label: The Leaf Label

Track: Silent Partner
Artist: Ryan Power
Release: Mind The Neighbors
Label: Feeding Tube Records

Track: Birdsong
Artist: Wax Machine
Release: Earthsong of Silence
Label: Beyond Beyond is Beyond

Track: Polar Onion
Artist: Allah Las
Release: Lahs
Label: Mexican Summer

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