Anastasia Minster creates piano-driven chamber pop which fuses elements of classical, folk and jazz. She returns with her second album Father, a gorgeous tapestry of sound, lyrically inspired by the works of Carl Jung, Hermann Hesse and Andrei Tarkovsky. Highly Recommended. As well, stunning new works from Hannah Cameron, Finn Bennet (Tulalah) and we open with a song inspired by self-isolation from Loner Deluxe.

Track: Spring (Intro)
Artist: Mrs. Baker
Release: Footlight Phantom
Label: Joint Ventures

Track: Viral Hit
Artist: Loner Deluxe
Release: Viral Hit
Label: Rusted Rail

Track: I Wonder
Artist: César Vidal
Release: César Vidal
Label: Busy Bee

Track: Backsliding
Artist: Hannah Cameron
Release: Backsliding
Label: Self Released

Track: The Ocean Song (Feat Steve Jansen)
Artist: Anastasia Minster
Release: Father
Label: Self Released

Track: Magic
Artist: Ralegh Long
Release: Simple Songs
Label: Self Released

Track: Only Breathing
Artist: Finn Bennet
Release: Only Breathing
Label: Self Released

Track: It Hurts Me Too
Artist: James Thomson
Release: Golden Exile
Label: Self Released

(Note – I mistakenly referred to James album coming out later this year – it’s already available!)

Track: My Favorite Mistake
Artist: Esther Rose 
Release: My Favorite Mistake
Label: Father/Daughter Records

Also – if you missed it – check out You Made It This Far

Track: Bringing Heaven Down To Hell
Artist: Liz Frencham
Release: Love and Other Crimes
Label: Self Released

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