A Lilac Decline is the anagrammatic musical pseudonym of visual artist Cecilia Danell. Originally from Sweden but resident in Ireland for over a decade, Danell is a member of fellow Rusted Rail acts Cubs and Loner Deluxe. Her latest single, Sunset Song, is a lush and dreamy listen awash with spacey synth lines. As well, two great Australian songwriters, Nick Batterham and Josh Meadows combine their powers as The Bell Streets, driving uptempo pop from Sydney trio Key Out and the return of Pure X.

Track: Ogre’s Wit (excerpt – Intro)
Artist: Gushing Cloud
Release: Prism Shelter (EP)
Label: Self Released

Track: Chorus
Artist: Key Out
Release: Anthropomorphia
Label: Half A Cow

Track: Shake the Wheels Off (feat. The Orielles)
Artist: Warm Digits
Release: Flight of Ideas
Label: Memphis Industries

Track: Fragile
Artist: The Bell Streets
Release: Monument
Label: Popboomerang

Track: Sunset Song
Artist: A Lilac Decline
Release: Sunset Song
Label: Rusted Rail

Track: Dream St.
Artist: Jackie Lynn
Release: Jacqueline
Label: Drag City

Track: Hollywood
Artist: Pure X
Release: Pure X
Label: Fire Talk

Track: Give
Artist: Datura 4
Release: West Coast Highway Cosmic
Label: Alive Naturalsound Records

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