I’m a big fan of This Way North. This duo have been on the road for years, between Australia and Canada, though like all musicians have kept a smaller footprint due to Covid-19. In January this year they recorded some songs in Nashville for their upcoming EP 3. The most recent single, You be You is at its heart celebratory, a salute to honouring and appreciating the differences in relationships, no matter what challenges arise. As well, excellent new tunes from Pop Filter, Andrew Tuttle and Sonic Boom.

Track: May (Opener)
Artist: Standards
Release: Fruit Island
Label: Topshelf Records

This EXCELLENT track from Standards is a sneak peek into their new album released August 28. For lovers of complex, melodic math-rock. 

Track: Big Yellow Van
Artist: Pop Filter
Release: Banksia
Label: Osborne Again

Track: Another Perfect Day
Artist: Marveline
Release: Savoury Toothed Tiger
Label: Self Released

Track: The Way That You Live
Artist: Sonic Boom
Release: All Things Being Equal
Label: Carpark Records

Track: Cambridge Drive Shopping Centre
Artist: Andrew Tuttle
Release: Alexandra
Label: Room 40

Track: Happy Man
Artist: Cactus Blossoms
Release: Happy Man
Label: Self Released

Track: You Be You
Artist: This Way North
Release: You Be You
Label: Self Released

Track: You Can’t Catch Me
Artist: Jeremy & The Harlequins
Release: You Can’t Catch Me
Label: Yep Roc Records

Track: Primates
Artist: Greyhounds
Release: Primates
Label: New Mile Records

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