Our focus on the long-awaited release from Chronovalve on Home Normal. Light is bursting with positivity of spirit and hope, exactly the kind of listening experience we need at the moment. As well, the excellent Quarantine Music ambient series from Jonathan Meiburg (aka Shearwater), Chihei Hatakeyama, Enrico Coniglio & Giulio Aldinucci and Sydney’s Talbert Anthony.

Track: So Sunny Out
Artist: Chronovalve
Release: Light
Label: Home Normal
Time: 1:30

Track: Something to Hope For
Artist: Chronovalve
Release: Light
Label: 6:33

Track: Tramotana
Artist: Talbert Anthony
Release: The Crow Will Know Their Master
Label: Self Released
Time: 12:57

Track: May
Artist: Shearwater
Release: Quarantine Music V: Two Sleepless Nights
Label: Self Released
Time: 22:47

Track: Blue Goat (excerpt)
Artist: Chihei Hatakeyama
Release: Blue Goat
Label: Longform Editions
Time: 36:20

Track: Until the End of Remembrances
Artist: Enrico Coniglio & Giulio Aldinucci
Release: Stalking The Elusive
Label: Dronarivm
Time: 49:43

Track: Slidenacht (excerpt)
Artist: pimmon
Release: Secret Sleeping Birds
Label: Sirr-ecords
Time: 59:45

Quiet Space — #143 — Something To Hope For

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