One half of Sydney’s Jep & Dep, Jessica has released her triumphant solo debut, a shimmering beautiful album that the Rolling Stone dubbed a “Masterclass of Ethereal Brilliance”. Rightly so, this is a gorgeous listen from start to finish, produced by partner Darren Cross. One of the highlight’s of 2020 and will be high in my end of year list. Equally beguiling is Brona McVittie’s Man in the Mountain, sublime folk from a unique artist who has a pristine voice. As well, stunning new singles from luscious baroque pop from The Apartments and Jello 64 and The Maes and Monique Clare.

Track: The Big Dipper (excerpt/intro)
Artist: Sir Isaac & the Do-Dads
Release: The Spirit Of Memphis (1962-1976)
Label: Stax

Track: Tomorrow Now
Artist: Theatre Royal
Release: Portraits
Label: Self Released

Track: Alphabet Town
Artist: Shaylee
Release: Alphabet Town
Label: Kill Rock Star

Track: Where You Used to Be
Artist: The Apartments
Release: In and Out of The Light
Label: Talitres

Track: Joni Was A Rebel
Artist: Jello 64
Release: Joni Was A Rebel
Label: Self Released

Track: Pictures
Artist: Jessica
Release: The Space Between
Label: Self Released

Track: The Lark in the Clear Air (feat. Arve Henriksen)
Artist: Brona McVittie
Release: The Man In The Mountain
Label: Self Released

Track: Glad That It’s Over
Artist: The Maes
Release: Glad That It’s Over
Label: Self Released

You can write your own verse for The Maes Covid19 lockdown single – click on the link.

Track: It Works
Artist: Monique Clare
Release: It Works
Label: Self Released

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