In our annual look at the best ambient works of 2020, we reveal our Top 100 releases. We conclude with Part 5 – counting down 20 to Number 1.

Track: Part III/Part IV
Artist: O. Vaupel
Release: Syv Begyndelser
Label: Janushoved
Time: 1:32

Track: Canoe (excerpt)
Artist: Taylor Deupree
Release: Canoe
Label: Longform Editions
Time: 8:51

Track: Kogarashi (Postcard Five)/Fading Out (Postcard Three)
Artist: Carlos Ferreira
Release: Six Postcards & Other Stories
Label: Past Inside the Present
Time: 17:23

Track: When We Meet (excerpt)
Artist: An Moku & Stijn Hüwels
Release: When We Meet
Label: Slowcraft
Time: 26:11

Track: Part 5/Part 8
Artist: Anthéne/Andrew Tasselmyer
Release: Progressions
Label: Constellation Tatsu
Time: 36:50

Track: Handel & Gluck
Artist: Günter Schlienz
Release: Orphée aux Enfers
Label: Moon Glyph
Time: 45:55

Track: Sontosia (excerpt)
Artist: Carlo Giustini
Release: L’abbaglio
Label: Elan Vital
Time: 52:53

Track: Light Leak/A Pulse of Durations
Artist: Tapes and Topographies
Release: A Pulse of Durations
Label: Past Inside The Present
Time: 1:01:36

Track: Flor imaginaria (excerpt)
Artist: Federico Durand
Release: Flor imaginaria
Label: Self Released
Time: 1:08:25

Track: inflorescence/last in line
Artist: Anthéne
Release: Collide
Label: Home Normal
Time: 1:16:57

Track: Looping Finch
Artist: Ishmael Cormack
Release: Maple Finch
Label: handstitched*
Time: 1:35:41

Track: post mortem resume/far north thrift store/humbert humboldt fruiteria/stephan mac/dining room table
Artist: Andrew CS
Release: Transition Spaces
Label: Self Released
Time: 1:48:50

Track: A Promise/The Heart Doesn’t Lie (Except When It Does)
Artist: Madeleine Cocolas
Release: Ithaca
Label: Room40
Time: 1:57:28

Track: Gold Upon White
Artist: Sarah Davachi
Release: Cantus, Descant
Label: Late Music
Time: 2:06:10

Track: Delta Delphini (excerpt)
Artist: Danny Widdicombe and Ant Aggs
Release: FACE
Label: Self Released
Time: 2:11:59

Track: Yvy/Wintir/Lef
Artist: This Valley of Old Mountains
Release: This Valley of Old Mountains
Label: 12k
Time: 2:23:12

Track: Los entresijos de la noche
Artist: Ciro Berenguer
Release: Bruma
Label: Slaapwal
Time: 2:32:57

Track: Little Shard Of A Daymark/Fallen Fruit To Navigate By
Artist: Offthesky & The Humble Bee
Release: We Were The Hum Of Dreams
Label: Laaps
Time: 2:47:04

Track: Nicotiana/Melatonia (excerpt)
Artist: Pausal
Release: Melatonia
Label: Past Inside The Present
Time: 2:54:07

Track: invicta affectio/lex universum
Artist: Luke Schneider
Release: Altar of Harmony
Label: Third Man Records
Time: 3:08:16

Quiet Space Top 100 Countdown — Best of 2020 — Part 5 (#162)

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